Chamos ACACI Snail Repair Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

8 Jun

People who have sensitive skin like myself tend to stick with basic skincare that will do no harm but at the same time, will not bring much good either. While that may be still okay for the younger skin but as one age, especially the eye area will definitely needs more than that.

The skin under the eye is in fact some of the thinnest and most delicate part of our body. It does not have much support structure and not as elastic. Having fewer oil glands to lubricate, this area is also drier and wrinkles more easily. And since it is one of the first part of our body to show the signs of aging, it pays to use an eye cream to protect and suspend age, whatever you age is.

As the skin of eye area is so delicate and fragile, the last thing that you probably would not want to do is to burden it with layers of skin products or bombarded it with formulations that are too thick or aggressive, so choosing a good eye cream is the most crucial task in any woman’s beauty agenda. 

Having used Chamos ACACI Snail Repair Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream day in and day out for the past month, I notice that my eye bags are not as puffy as before and those railway tracks are incredibly soften and smoothed. Forming a protective layer that locks in moisture when applied, this silky textured cream would actually rejuvenates and nourishes my eye contours while dispersing precipitated melanin cells and diminishes the under eye dark shadows to restore the clarity of the skin.

In short, a pump on the bottle shall dispenses a genie that works diligently to comfort tired skin, soothe lines, de-puff eye bags, firm, lift, hydrates and whitens all at the same time! The end result? Fresh looking eye contours that sparkles. And say goodbye, panda eyes!
Chamos Skincare is new in town and  brought to you by the good people from Beauty  Finest.

From more information, email: or simply hop over their newly opened web-store and starts shopping! Chamos ships internationally with  free gift & free delivery within Singapore for purchases above $50 OR Worldwide for purchases above $150.

For those residing in Singapore, you may also get your beauty fix from Beauty  Finest at selected SaSa stores and Carrefour at Suntec City.

My mini beauty spree at Carrefour..

Hmm..Skin Watchers Green Snail soap! Interesting for one that have never tried using a soap for facial Cleansing before..

Haha! My favorite Skinfactory Masks..

 And more masks. That’s Yadah Brightening Mask… 


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