Dermal Therapy Blistop

16 Apr

My relationship with heels has always been a love-hate affair. 


 A pair of stilettos could instantly adds height and complete an outfit but walking on heels gives me blisters and ugly scars thereafter. It is a pain having to drag my feet all day and I certainly don’t enjoy sticking plasters here and there. But then again, I am also not prepared to step into the boardroom or the ballroom with a pair of grumpy flops either. And so my feet have continued to endure my torture as I balance each step with grace and pain until Dermal Therapy Blistop came to the rescue. 

Dermal Therapy Blistop

Dermal Therapy Blistop

Formulated with Dimethylether, Menthol and Acrylic co Polymer, Dermal Therapy Blistop is a blister prevention spray that envelops the skin with an invisible elastic veil that offers instant protection and prevents blisters from forming due to friction. It is transparent so it is invisible on the skin and it will not stain or leaves any residues. Being micro-aerated, skin remains breathable and this invisible, water resistant film does not rub off easily, thus offering long hours of protection.


 The spray is easy to use. All you need is to shake well, hold it 5 – 10cm away and spritz on your toes, ankles and any areas of your feet that would usually get blisters. Do so on dry skin and wait till the mist is completely dry before wearing your socks or shoes. The mist will form into a transparent wrap and envelops your skin within a few seconds. It is almost invisible and though you could feel that something is there, it will not hindrance your movement at all. Like hairspray and other spray products, there is a very slight scent but the smell is not offending. A word of caution though, the nozzle tends to dispense over generously in a single spritz so try to control the dispenser to get the right amount each time.

It is amazing how this invisible film could buffers my skin against friction and allows me to walk in comfort the entire day. It is very convenient and handy I like that it would wear off gradually so I don’t have to kick up a fuss removing it after use. All I need is to lightly peel off whatever is leftover in my shower at the end of the day and that’s it.

Affordably priced at S$11.90, a can of Dermal Therapy Blistop is good for up to 50 applications, I would highly recommend this innovative spray to anyone and everyone who wears shoes at one point or other. And whether you are still battling with your old shoes or planning to conquer the dance floor with your new gears tonight, keep the spray handy and you feet will thank you for the invisible protection.


Dermal Therapy Blistop is available at: Guardian, SaSa, Watsons, Unity and other pharmacies. For more product information, visit:





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