2B Alternative Into Arm & Body

28 Mar

For a barely 155cm built, I am FAT without a doubt! I have got elephant thighs, water pail waist but what irked me the most are my flabby arms!

6 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body

2B Alternative has a series of slimming products that tailored to the different of the body and I am already a huge fan of 2B for Face and 2B Mask for Face but this is the first time I am trying out their other products. 

As its name implies, this 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body is designed to target, well, ARM AND BODY.


Formulated using a new Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula that activates EGF, HCA, Caffeine and Liporeductyl to burn fat cells, this clear gel is really HOT! I have under estimated the heating power and over applied during the first time and got myself jumping around like crazy for the next hour.


The burning sensation is quite intense so initially I would be hiding inside the air-conditioned room to keep myself cool but after a while, my skin soon gets used to the tingling sensation and I could even apply it before exercising to tap on the heat to increase metabolism and burn more fats 🙂 

The good thing is that it does not contains any Chili or Ginger extracts thus it will not cause skin irritation. In fact my skin feels smoother and it is not greasy. I find its light, green tea/minty scent very pleasurable too. 


It is barely two weeks since I started applying 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body and I must say that I am extremely happy with the result. Not only that my arms are visibly more tone and firmer looking, they have also reduced by an inch in measurement!


Hmm..looks like I could be bidding goodbye to my ugly flabby arms fairly soon!








One Response to “2B Alternative Into Arm & Body”

  1. Jenney Jen May 16, 2014 at 8:29 am #

    I have been using 2B Arm & Body too, I am also happy that it really helps to firm up my flabby arms.

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