Dermal Therapy Hand Balm

16 May

When my sister quitted school a decade ago, I decided that without a good academic qualification the best way for her to make a comfortable living would be using her hands and funded her to be trained as a nail technician. Ironically, I hardly ever step into her salon to get a manicure done. That is because I have a pair of ugly hands that I would rather hide them in my pockets. It is puzzling that the skin of my hands is simply so much drier than other parts of my body. The skin on my fingertips is dry and scaly and my hands are so rough that I don’t blame people for mistaking me as a construction worker when shaking my hand for the first time.   

It doesn’t helps that my skin is also very sensitive and allergic to many household detergents and such and even a brief contact with these cleaning agents would often causes my skin to itch, but since I am not destined to be a tai tai and neither do I have the privilege of a domestic helper, household chores are unavoidable and hence my hands are always red from the constant scratching.

In case you are wondering why didn’t I try to treat the problem, of course I do! I have tried all sorts of remedy and I have countless tubes and bottles hand lotions and creams lying around the house, in my bag and on my office desk but most could only offer temporary comfort.


Dermal Therapy Hand Balm


Promises visible results in just 3 days, this hand balm is specially formulated with:
~ 10% Urea to increase water uptake from the dermis layer of the skin and enhances the skin’s water bind capacity,
~Vitamin E to condition the skin from free radical damage,
~ Shea Butter that contains natural soothing and moisturizing properties to keep skin soft, smooth and supple, and
~ Aloe Vera to moisturizes and heal dry and cracked skin. Besides that, Aloe Vera being a natural healing agent would also treats burns, blisters, insect bites and allergic reactions. 

Since it is a balm, I was initially worried that it would be too rich and greasy for comfort and indeed it is rich so a little goes a long way but it is not at all greasy. Instead it is ultra soothing and I like how it nurses the dryness and makes my hands feel so velvety soft and supple upon application.

The light scent is easy on the nose but the best thing is that the hydrating effect is super long lasting so I need not have to re-apply after each hand wash and twice or thrice application is sufficient to sustain the entire day and yes, the balm has really worked what it claims and my very dry and chapped hands have healed just in days!

Dermal Therapy Hand Balm is available at all leading pharmacies and for more product information, please visit their website and like their facebook for updates.  



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