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Happy 2015

1 Jan

It’s officially 2015!


May the year be filled with abundance of joy, happiness, love and peace!

Have a blessed year everyone!






Noels Gifts Hamper

21 Dec

yo! Have you guys done all your Christmas shopping already? In case you are wrecking your brains, fret not! You can still pop over to Noels Gifts with a few clicks and impress your recipients with an exquisite gift basket, a traditional hamper or a value-for-money gift box?

If you can’t decide, how about a getting them a gift basket from their Premier Choix and Vogue (GFC1) would be a good choice.


  • Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux Red 750ml
  • Perigold Les Arlequines Ivory Box 100g
  • Noel Cruzilles Strawberry Jam 370g
  • Biscuiterie Chocolate Chips Cookies Petits Normands 140g
  • Biscuiterie Biscuits with Nut, Caramel & Milk Chocolate 90g
  • Biscuiterie Galettes Normandes 200g
  • Traou Mad Blue Cheese & Walnut Flavour Cream Crepes 60g
  • Traou Mad Thick Butter Cookies 33g
  • Basket Dimension: 28 x Height 15 cm

Noels Gifts Website:

Stayaction: Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore

16 May

I know, I know, I shouldn’t push the blame to an innocent cat but I don’t only share the same birth date as Garfield, I bear its personality trait: Procrastination. And I have procrastinated too much, and for too long. I have intended to put up the post during my stayaction but because of my procrastination, it was half written and have struck in my C drive till now.


Anyway after the disastrous family trip to Taiwan back in September 2013, I have decided to reward myself with a little stayaction at Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore.

Checking into the hotel on a Friday, I have the entire afternoon on my own and I love it! Though Holiday Inn Express is nested right in the bustle of Orchard Road, my cozy room is tranquil of peace and I simply love being alone in the solace and quietness of this unfamiliar space.

Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore

1 front

With 221 well designed room for the frequent travelers in mind, Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore is more of a business hotel so there isn’t any sort of luxurious spa, posh swimming pools or swanky gym but with the whole of Orchard Road within reach, that isn’t necessary and I greatly appreciate the spacious room, comfy bedding as well as the free wifi throughout the hotel and the option of Express Start or Grab & Go Breakfast provided by the hotel.

The main lobby

The main lobby

The Breakfast Area

The Breakfast Area

My Spacious Room

My Spacious Room

My Work Corner

My Work Corner

The View From My Window

The View From My Window

My Favorite Cozy Corner

My Favorite Cozy Corner

My little fairy

25 Feb

She may be a little chubbier for a fairy but nevertheless my most precious one!

Everything but the Brain

13 Aug
everything but the brain

I know nothing about physics and much less about the Einstein’s theory of Relativity but that did not stop me from enjoying this comic play. 

 I did not sit through the play trying to figure out the constant of speed and time either, instead, I have sailed along with Elaine’s emotions as I watched her struggles trying in vain to prolong her father’s life though the theory.

Time did not slow down or stopped for that matter. It merely reversed and mirrored the sacrifices that she has made the way her father did for her in the past.

I could relate with Elaine and even feel her pains, because I too, have gone through the same. Being the sole caretaker, my life has pulled to a stop when my beloved kin was ill stricken. There were compromises and there were sacrifices to be made. I had to change the way I live to tailor the needs of the unwell and be there 24/7. While it was physical exhausting but what more unbearable was the emotional turmoil having to watch the health of my loved kin deteriorating yet I could powerlessly do nothing.

Re-staged by Sight Lines Productions, Everything But The Brain paints a father and daughter portrait that approaches the otherwise heavy subject with a touch of humor and lightness. And with today’s ageing population, this poignant play has delivered an urgent resonance for us to think about as our parents’ age. 

Clever and witty!  

 Photo: Sight Lines Productions

Photo: Sight Lines Productions

Best Original Script
Best Actor – Gerald Chew
Life! Theatre Awards 2006


6 Aug


The last time I had the opportunity to watch NDP was back in 2009.

Pardon me for my ageing brain, I couldn’t recall much of the details already but I have immensely enjoyed every moment of it. I have sang along, waved our flag, cheered and clapped to every programme and I deeply appreciate the lengthy efforts that were putted in for the parade. I salute the hard work of each and every participant as well as the enthusiasm of every volunteer.

NDP 2009

NDP 2009

I am so blessed to be second time lucky to watch NDP again this year, never mind that it was a preview and I have enjoyed myself as much as I did 4 years ago with the same appreciation.

Permit to entry

Permit to entry

Again, I sang, waved, cheered, clapped and of course, took a few pictures for memorial sake.

After all, with the limited tickets so highly sought after, it is much an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch NDP live for ordinary folks like myself. Never being a lucky person, having a chance to win from the balloting system is as good as striking lottery so I would really want to preserve this precious experience in digital and hopefully, when my memory fails me, my hard disk will not.  


sky 1sky

Having lived in this little island by all my life, I am ashamed to admit for taking everything for granted. I didn’t know how much Singapore has meant to me until our pledge and Majulah Singapura transported me down the memory lane. I was overwhelmed by emotions as the bits and pieces of history flashed in my mind and at that instance, I was thankful and felt so fortunate to being a Singapore child.

In any case, thanks to the good teaching and discipline from my early schooling years, I am who take our vow and our National Anthem very seriously. Personally I feel that even if you do not wish to recite the pledge, one should at least stand at attention when the National Anthem is being played. 

As much it irked me to see people refusing to get off their bum, talking and wriggling like they are ready for the dance floor, nothing pissed me off more than by these photo/video enthusiasts turning here and there trying to capture a 360o  view  during this solemn moment. Worst of all, this man in front of me was still continuing chopping down his Char Bee Hoon like  he is eating in a crowded hawker centre!  

What kind of example is he trying to set for his child next to him? And don’t these people, whether they are Singaporeans or not,, have a little respect for the country that they are setting foot on, or at least have a little self-respect for themselves at all? 

To these people NDP is perhaps just an event for them to  practice their photography skills or a family picnic with the enjoyment free performance.  

Thank you for the lovely smile!

Thank you for the lovely smile!

These youths’ enthusiasm are so infectious!

These youths’ enthusiasm are so infectious!

I did not bothered to watch the much circulated youtube  video‘ One Singapore starring Stephen Chow’ when someone sent me the link some weeks ago so I have heard ‘One Singapore’ for the first time at the parade. While watching the performance, it never occur to me that this is the theme song and had went home asking around, “why there isn’t any theme song for this year’s National Day?” 

The song was over ambitiously long and unmemorable. I couldn’t relate to the lyrics and the tune has failed to catch my attention. Besides that, I don’t appreciate the ‘whooahh..whooahh..ah and the awkward rapping in between.

Hmm…shall we bring “Home” back the next year? 

Nonetheless, I applaud to the efforts and here’s the link to this year’s theme song in case you are interested:

NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore


Happy Birthday Singapore!

Random Pics in Taiwan

24 Apr
Name is Taiwan

Name is Taiwan

a quiet moment in the city

a quiet moment in the city

Photo Apr 20, 4 42 08 PM

bicycles for rental within the CBD area, I like that idea!

Photo Apr 20, 1 26 09 PM


Photo Apr 20, 1 09 45 PM

Also in Beitou and one of my favorite shot

Photo Apr 20, 4 38 45 PM

extra tall ice-cream in Danshui – fun but melts too quickly

At random: Wild Flowers

2 Feb

Does this look like a wild flowers garden?

Ha! It is actually just a flower bed in front of Twin Towers in KL, Malaysia. Not sure what these white flowers are called but it is quite a pretty sight though 🙂

Thao Dien Village – Saigon, Vietnam

13 Jun

Escaping from the bustle of city crowds, we have had a lovely stay at this only hotel and spa resort in Ho Chi Minh City – Thao Dien Village.  This colonial French manor has offered us a memorable hideout with the most romantic setting along the banks of Saigon River.


Thao Dien Village in our eyes..


Our self contained Art Suite..

Room Facilities includes: Riverview, King size bed, Minibar, Shower, Bath, Safety Deposit Box, LCD TV, Telephone, Air Conditioning, Balcony, Shared Bathroom, Bathroom Amenities, Toilet, Bathroom, Satellite TV, Cable TV, Tea/Coffee Maker, Hairdryer, Bathrobe, Refrigerator, Work Desk, DVD Player and room Slippers…


Some of the food we tasted..



ice creams..

romantic dinner by the river..

Kanishka Villas

19 Mar

Another pleasant stay in Bali: Kanishka Villas

With a private pool, sundeck with loungers, two spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, wide open dining area, a fully equipped kitchen and a relaxing hall that is equipped with large sofas, 42 inch television, sound system, dvd, and high speed internet access, Kanishka Villas is undoubtedly the finest vacation stay that we have ever had besides Maxims Genting!

Pool Side

Activity Area

Open Dining

Fresh Fruit Juice

A Hearty Breakfast

Luxurious Bed with Jim Thompson Fabric Furnishing

en-suite bathroom

Rain Forest Shower

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