Everything but the Brain

13 Aug
everything but the brain

I know nothing about physics and much less about the Einstein’s theory of Relativity but that did not stop me from enjoying this comic play. 

 I did not sit through the play trying to figure out the constant of speed and time either, instead, I have sailed along with Elaine’s emotions as I watched her struggles trying in vain to prolong her father’s life though the theory.

Time did not slow down or stopped for that matter. It merely reversed and mirrored the sacrifices that she has made the way her father did for her in the past.

I could relate with Elaine and even feel her pains, because I too, have gone through the same. Being the sole caretaker, my life has pulled to a stop when my beloved kin was ill stricken. There were compromises and there were sacrifices to be made. I had to change the way I live to tailor the needs of the unwell and be there 24/7. While it was physical exhausting but what more unbearable was the emotional turmoil having to watch the health of my loved kin deteriorating yet I could powerlessly do nothing.

Re-staged by Sight Lines Productions, Everything But The Brain paints a father and daughter portrait that approaches the otherwise heavy subject with a touch of humor and lightness. And with today’s ageing population, this poignant play has delivered an urgent resonance for us to think about as our parents’ age. 

Clever and witty!  

 Photo: Sight Lines Productions

Photo: Sight Lines Productions

Best Original Script
Best Actor – Gerald Chew
Life! Theatre Awards 2006

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