2B Mask for Face

24 Apr

In my younger days, people tend to describe me as baby-faced, which translates to having a round and chubby face. Although I would occasionally ask the hair stylist for a hairstyle that frame my face but I didn’t particularly bother about having a round face. In fact, I was secretly pleased that the chubbiness has given me the advantage of looking more youthful than my peers. Furthermore, the beauty scene wasn’t dominated by the Korean V face standard back then.

However as age silently robbed my youth day by day, it has also devilishly took away the elasticity and firmness of the skin bit by bit and before I knew it, my once prided youthful appearance has already eroded to one large, sagging face that I detest..

After risking with all sorts of slimming products, thanks goodness that I finally discovered 2B For Face a couple years ago and I have harnessed great results with the daily use of the essence. Not only that it has helped to refine my facial contour, it works incredibly well in reducing the flabbiness of my double chin too. 

With such great efficiency, it is no wonder that 2B For Face has quickly become a hit among celebrities and the everyday women. The product is so hot selling that they are practically flying off the shelves the moment they are displayed.   

2b-for-face-2To supplement the result even further,  2B Alternative has introduced another amazing product: 2B Mask For Face

CIMG0419 CIMG0420

While the essence is formulated as a daily skincare, 2B Mask For Face is developed more for weekly use. It has an unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target points of the face to further enhance the facial corrective and reshaping effects.


While opening the mask, I am surprised to find how steep the mask is immersed with essence. The material of the mask is thicker and of better quality than many of the paper masks found in the market. The texture is comfy on hand feel and I like that it has slits to allow the mask to adhere to the facial contour closely.

Targeting the below part of the face and chin, the mask is divided in three portions with hooks that secure the mask to the ears comfortably and allows me to move around freely.

The lifting and firming effect is almost instant and I am utterly impressed by how it has helped to define and make my face seems sharper looking upon removing the mask during the first application! 



Besides using the mask once a week as per suggested for maintenance, I would apply the mask for three consecutive nights before an important event in order to look my best. And apart from that, this 2B Mask For Face mask is also the emergency weapon that I use whenever my tired face need an instant firm up.  

I am hooked! But hey, before you take my word for it, do check out what Hong Kong ‘TVB’ TV Channel celebrities have to say in this video:  

For more information, please visit their Official website: http://www.2blife.com/ and like their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2Bslimming for product updates. 

Before I sign off, here’s to share a clip on the production process from 2B Alternate’s lab.  


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