2B For Face

23 Jul

After my fair share of using various face slimming products from the market that failed to work their claim, I finally found one that really gives me remarkable result!

2B For Face is definitely unlike those face slimming products that are so oily that would make your face look that a sticky pan nor it would give you that hot burning sensation as if that you have been silly (and crazy) for rubbing chilli onto your face. Instead, the essence is so fluid and light that it is being absorbed into the skin the moment it is being applied.

The effect is almost instant and the face immediately feels firm and taut! 

Apart from removing the bloated water retention, it works from within to reduce the flabbiness as well as firm up the double chin. As a result, the facial contour is refined and looks firmer and sharper.

After 2 boxes of 2B For Face, the measurement from ear to ear has reduced by 2cm! The result is simply amazing!

I am sure that with my continuous twice-daily religious application, I won’t be far in achieving a sharper V-shape face soon 🙂


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