Happy 2015

1 Jan

It’s officially 2015!


May the year be filled with abundance of joy, happiness, love and peace!

Have a blessed year everyone!






Hong Kong/Macau/Zhuhai/Guangzhou

31 Dec

It is a pity not we have not been travelling much this year. In fact the Hong Kong/Macau/Zhuhai/Guangzhou trip that we took in late September/early October was the only vacation we have taken in 2014. Nevertheless, we have had a couple of staycations in between so it wasn’t too bad.

Lau Fu Zi

Lau Fu Zi

We have been to Hong Kong many years back. I remember taking my little sister along with us. She was in secondary two that year and today she is already a married mother of two and that was how long ago.

Anyway, I have been too ambitious while planning this trip. It was a bad idea to have squeezed in so many places in a week and the frequent shuttering from one city to another was a little tedious. I have also prepaid for all our accommodation and thus, we were not able to stay in a place longer than our initial scheduled timeframe but nonetheless, it was quite a learning experience though.

sunset in Guangzhou

sunset in Guangzhou


I have known very little of Guangzhou before this trip. Touching on the grounds of Bai Yun International Airport twice does not counts. Both times were on transit, one occasion to Sanya and the other to Chengdu.

I used to be a huge fan of a local actor, Qu Yuwu. He is from Guangzhou and I have always been dreamy of his hometown but this trip has changed my thoughts entirely.

We were lost the minute we stepped out of the train station. I was two hundred percent sure that the hotel that I have booked is within the vicinity but the absented-minded me had forgotten to translate the name of the hotel and address into Chinese and we have approached at least of people for directions. Many have shrugged and shook their heads, some said ‘wo bu zhi dao’ (I don’t know) and the others pointed us North South East West.

We finally hit the jackpot and found our hotel down the bend less than 100m from the station an hour later but when I cheerfully approached the reception with our booking, the lady behind the counter grabbed it before I could speak and proceed with the registration head down. It was only half way through her writing that she asked for our passport and deposit. Even so, she did not even bother to look up and make eye contact. Then she mechanically handed us the key and breakfast voucher and murmured that the breakfast that was inclusive with our room booking is only available for one person and the other has to pay! And that it, she considered herself done and left us!

While in the room we found that the safe could not lock so we rang the housekeeping. The same lady attended to us picked up our call and sent someone over. The handyman pounded on the door and grumbled loudly as he worked on the safe and then left without having a word. After he left, we saw that the safe still could not lock and we rang the housekeeping again. The same lady picked up the call and before I could finish my sentence, she snorted, “the safe is spoilt and I don’t have any room to change so you better make do with it” and hang up!

Gosh, I wasn’t even asking for a change of room or anything! What’s wrong with her? Fortunately this lady is a legend. While the majority of the people that we have encountered there weren’t exactly friendly or helpful, they weren’t as rude either.

saw this inside Ikea in Guangzhou, it says "make sure you talk talk with them" haha!

saw this inside Ikea in Guangzhou, it says “make sure you talk talk with them” haha!



The train ride from Guangzhou to Zhuhai was a real eye opener. There was no law and order, everyone was pushing and squeezing and people were shouting and talking at the top of their voice. The group of seated passengers where I stood, ate throughout the journey. They would pass the food around and then throw their waste conveniently onto the floor.

The location of our hotel is good. It is near the border as what we wanted but unlike the impressive pictures that we saw online, the hotel is very old and run down and our window opened to a flight of stairs. Everything in the room, including bottled drink and toothbrush has a price tag and condoms are strategically placed in the bathroom and bedside tables, all for sale.

Zhuhai is very much like Guangzhou, a wholesale heaven but the weather was terribly hot. It was much hotter than any day in Singapore and at 35 degree Celsius, all I wanted to do was to take cover and hide.



Bad timing. It was China’s Golden Week holiday and the entire place was flooded with people from the Mainland. Weird as it seems, they were filling up drug stores and pharmacies and loading baby milk powder rather than of trying their luck in the casinos.

Like its neighbor Zhuhai, the people in Macau aren’t very friendly either but hack, this place is a gem! There is so much vibe, so much to see and so much waiting to be discovered! If I have known it earlier, I could have omitted the rest of the places and spend the entire week here.


the umbrella revolution

Hong Kong

We were there during the early days of the Umbrella Revolution. Some roads were closed and many tourist populated places were affected. We were surprised at we were done with Ladies Market within five minutes because many vendors were not opened for business but that’s okay, we aren’t much of a shopper anyway. Instead, we visited all the sites of the demonstrations and the protest has fuelled some food for thoughts. I salute these hot-bloodied youths and admire their courage and love of their own country and nation yet, being a politically immature Singaporean, I couldn’t take my stand. Such protest would have been stopped even before it could start in Singapore.

I was stopped by the custom while having our luggage checked at the airport because they have detected a little piece of Victorinox Swiss Army in one of my pouches. Instead of simply discarding the item, the custom officer has tried to help by calling the airline ground staff to come over to pick them and safe keep for me while on the plane. We waited for a long time but the staff did not turn up and so to avoid missing the plane, I decided to forego my most precious travel essential and hurried our way to the boarding. However we were still too late. The ground staff told us that the gate has closed two minutes ago and the plane has flew off without us.

And the drama did not stop there. Since we were considered officially departed, we will need the immigration to grant us re-entry but the immigration officer on duty refused to release us. He demaned for concrete information of our next departure date and flight details but for Christ sake, why he just couldn’t understand that we would need to get out from there in order to go over the counter to book another flight? So there we were, struck inside the freezing arrival for the next couple of hours before we finally have had our next flight confirmed and free to go. But we have no where to go in the wee hours and since ours were the first flight in the morning, we camped at the airport and slept a bit on the chairs at Burger King.

Noels Gifts Hamper

21 Dec

yo! Have you guys done all your Christmas shopping already? In case you are wrecking your brains, fret not! You can still pop over to Noels Gifts with a few clicks and impress your recipients with an exquisite gift basket, a traditional hamper or a value-for-money gift box?

If you can’t decide, how about a getting them a gift basket from their Premier Choix and Vogue (GFC1) would be a good choice.


  • Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux Red 750ml
  • Perigold Les Arlequines Ivory Box 100g
  • Noel Cruzilles Strawberry Jam 370g
  • Biscuiterie Chocolate Chips Cookies Petits Normands 140g
  • Biscuiterie Biscuits with Nut, Caramel & Milk Chocolate 90g
  • Biscuiterie Galettes Normandes 200g
  • Traou Mad Blue Cheese & Walnut Flavour Cream Crepes 60g
  • Traou Mad Thick Butter Cookies 33g
  • Basket Dimension: 28 x Height 15 cm

Noels Gifts Website: www.noelsgift.com

Parkroyal on Pickering Hotel

21 Dec

I have nothing but praises of their frontline crews.


I was at the Lime Restaurant to collect my logcake and instead of leaving me waiting at the counter while they prepare the cake for me, I was being invited into the restaurant to take a seat and asked if I would like to have coffee or tea!


Then as I cooped myself comfortably on the solo sofa in front of the Christmas tree at the lobby waiting for hub to drive his car out, the sky darkened with a sudden downpour. I was flickering with my mobile phone and the space has became kind of dim but to my surprise, a frontline staff has hurried over and apologetically switched on the side table lamp to lit the area like he has read my mind!

Being a local, I probably don’t get much an opportunity to check into the hotel but given a chance, I would definitely recommend the hotel to everyone and anyone who needs an accommodation with good taste and great service!

2014-12-20 16.14.50Merry Christmas Everyone!

Korean Watch from escoot.sg

2 Dec

I love Christmas.

Not so much of the fascinating decorations, glittering lightings, soul touching carols or scrumptious feastings but rather, the spirit and joy of caring, sharing and giving.

The festive also gives me a very valid reason to shop my heart out online and in the shops. I like splurging on my loved ones and love watching their faces gleaming with delight as they unwrap the presents of their desire on boxing day. It is easy bitsy shopping for close family and friends because you already know their preference and liking but buying gifts for those office party gift exchange with $20 budget or for those already-not-a-child-yet-not-an-adult teenage children of friends and colleagues is quite another story.

Well, the market is certainly not lack of budget gift items. Chances are you could find things like photo-frame, bath set, towel and chocolate boxes flooding everywhere calling for your dollars. But personally, I don’t appreciate these generic gifts and I don’t think the recipients of these thoughtless gifts would appreciate them either. I mean, how many of us will want to display an awkward photo frame on the desk or ditch your usual shower gel for a few days usage of the miniature size from the toiletries gift set that it is only available once in a year? Isn’t it odd to add a mismatched towel into the stack of color coordinated ones for the family? And it pains me to see those alien brand chocolates expiring in their box because no one dares to eat them.

Anyway, in case you are also struggling to find a good gift, why not consider giving your recipient a watch? It definitely outlives those toiletries set or chocolate box. It is more presentable and practical too.



Isn’t this watch lovely? Pardon me that the lousy picture, I am not able to capture the sparkling tiny diamondlite on top of each numeric but their glitters will sure light up any gloomy day of the wearer.





Unisex and available in black and white, this fashionable watch makes an ideal gift for everybody. It looks good on a man’s hand and works well on a lady’s wrist.

on him

on him

on her

on her

In case you are worrying breaking your bank, fret not! Because the good people at http://escoot.sg/ who have specially imported this trendy watch from Korea, have priced this S$120 looking watch at S$12!

What a sweet deal, isn’t it?



About escoot.sg:
Founded by former engineers, escoot.sg is passionate about new technologies, sharing their expertise about electric scooters and introducing cool and innovative travelling tools to enhance our lives. They are specialized in fun and powerful electric scooters, electric bicycles and kick scooters and they also supply other complementary devices as well as premium running gears, sports wears and accessories.
For more information, please visit: http://escoot.sg/ or drop them an email: admin@escoot.sg to a response within 24 hours.

Alive Museum

18 Aug

When I told a friend that we are going to the Alive Museum, he whistled over my above the knee sundress. “Lovely dress”, he said with a naughty wink, “but what a pity, it is going to spoil your experience.” Turned out that he did not have a good time during his visit because his girlfriend had dressed too sexily and found it awkward to pose with some of the paintings. Also, they have exhausted their cellphones at the very beginning and missed out the fun from the rest of the museum. So, his advice was: 1) wear pants, unless you don’t mind to be snapped as one of the attractions; 2) power up the camera, capturing, or rather, posing for the moment is bulk of the fun.

1 intro
Alive Museum
Alive Museum is Korea’s original and the biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum. With a total size of about 10,000 square feet, the museum housed some 84 artworks that are hand-painted and hand-crafted by the artists from South Korea and is looking forward to increase the paintings to more than 100 by early 2015 through the Singapore 50 project.

Although the Alive Museum is here to stay, they will be changing 30% of the paintings in every 12 – 18 months as well as making seasonal additions during festive like Christmas, New Year…

Now, let the fun begins!

1 use 13


1 use 2 1 use 4 We were initially a little apprehensive about how to get it right but not to worry, besides an example at the side of each artwork to show you how to pose, there is also a photo point that supposed give you the best illusionary effect.

1 use 12 1 use 11Such art pieces need you to down on the floor to get the desired effect,  that explains why wearing pants is more appropriate..

1 use 3 1 use 5 1 use 7 1 use 8 1 use 10And our heartfelt thanks to the lovely crew who has walked us around and took these photos for us.

11Thank you omy for the invite, we have had an evening of crazy fun!

1 use 6Address: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Tower 3 and 4)
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
Ticket Price: $25 for adults and $20 for children between 3 – 12 years. 
Promotion: Book online at Alive Museum Website using promotion code – aliveopen at checkout for 20% discount

Stayaction: Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore

16 May

I know, I know, I shouldn’t push the blame to an innocent cat but I don’t only share the same birth date as Garfield, I bear its personality trait: Procrastination. And I have procrastinated too much, and for too long. I have intended to put up the post during my stayaction but because of my procrastination, it was half written and have struck in my C drive till now.


Anyway after the disastrous family trip to Taiwan back in September 2013, I have decided to reward myself with a little stayaction at Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore.

Checking into the hotel on a Friday, I have the entire afternoon on my own and I love it! Though Holiday Inn Express is nested right in the bustle of Orchard Road, my cozy room is tranquil of peace and I simply love being alone in the solace and quietness of this unfamiliar space.

Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore

1 front

With 221 well designed room for the frequent travelers in mind, Holiday Inn Express Orchard Singapore is more of a business hotel so there isn’t any sort of luxurious spa, posh swimming pools or swanky gym but with the whole of Orchard Road within reach, that isn’t necessary and I greatly appreciate the spacious room, comfy bedding as well as the free wifi throughout the hotel and the option of Express Start or Grab & Go Breakfast provided by the hotel.

The main lobby

The main lobby

The Breakfast Area

The Breakfast Area

My Spacious Room

My Spacious Room

My Work Corner

My Work Corner

The View From My Window

The View From My Window

My Favorite Cozy Corner

My Favorite Cozy Corner

Dermal Therapy Hand Balm

16 May

When my sister quitted school a decade ago, I decided that without a good academic qualification the best way for her to make a comfortable living would be using her hands and funded her to be trained as a nail technician. Ironically, I hardly ever step into her salon to get a manicure done. That is because I have a pair of ugly hands that I would rather hide them in my pockets. It is puzzling that the skin of my hands is simply so much drier than other parts of my body. The skin on my fingertips is dry and scaly and my hands are so rough that I don’t blame people for mistaking me as a construction worker when shaking my hand for the first time.   

It doesn’t helps that my skin is also very sensitive and allergic to many household detergents and such and even a brief contact with these cleaning agents would often causes my skin to itch, but since I am not destined to be a tai tai and neither do I have the privilege of a domestic helper, household chores are unavoidable and hence my hands are always red from the constant scratching.

In case you are wondering why didn’t I try to treat the problem, of course I do! I have tried all sorts of remedy and I have countless tubes and bottles hand lotions and creams lying around the house, in my bag and on my office desk but most could only offer temporary comfort.


Dermal Therapy Hand Balm


Promises visible results in just 3 days, this hand balm is specially formulated with:
~ 10% Urea to increase water uptake from the dermis layer of the skin and enhances the skin’s water bind capacity,
~Vitamin E to condition the skin from free radical damage,
~ Shea Butter that contains natural soothing and moisturizing properties to keep skin soft, smooth and supple, and
~ Aloe Vera to moisturizes and heal dry and cracked skin. Besides that, Aloe Vera being a natural healing agent would also treats burns, blisters, insect bites and allergic reactions. 

Since it is a balm, I was initially worried that it would be too rich and greasy for comfort and indeed it is rich so a little goes a long way but it is not at all greasy. Instead it is ultra soothing and I like how it nurses the dryness and makes my hands feel so velvety soft and supple upon application.

The light scent is easy on the nose but the best thing is that the hydrating effect is super long lasting so I need not have to re-apply after each hand wash and twice or thrice application is sufficient to sustain the entire day and yes, the balm has really worked what it claims and my very dry and chapped hands have healed just in days!

Dermal Therapy Hand Balm is available at all leading pharmacies and for more product information, please visit their website and like their facebook for updates.  


2B Mask for Face

24 Apr

In my younger days, people tend to describe me as baby-faced, which translates to having a round and chubby face. Although I would occasionally ask the hair stylist for a hairstyle that frame my face but I didn’t particularly bother about having a round face. In fact, I was secretly pleased that the chubbiness has given me the advantage of looking more youthful than my peers. Furthermore, the beauty scene wasn’t dominated by the Korean V face standard back then.

However as age silently robbed my youth day by day, it has also devilishly took away the elasticity and firmness of the skin bit by bit and before I knew it, my once prided youthful appearance has already eroded to one large, sagging face that I detest..

After risking with all sorts of slimming products, thanks goodness that I finally discovered 2B For Face a couple years ago and I have harnessed great results with the daily use of the essence. Not only that it has helped to refine my facial contour, it works incredibly well in reducing the flabbiness of my double chin too. 

With such great efficiency, it is no wonder that 2B For Face has quickly become a hit among celebrities and the everyday women. The product is so hot selling that they are practically flying off the shelves the moment they are displayed.   

2b-for-face-2To supplement the result even further,  2B Alternative has introduced another amazing product: 2B Mask For Face

CIMG0419 CIMG0420

While the essence is formulated as a daily skincare, 2B Mask For Face is developed more for weekly use. It has an unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target points of the face to further enhance the facial corrective and reshaping effects.


While opening the mask, I am surprised to find how steep the mask is immersed with essence. The material of the mask is thicker and of better quality than many of the paper masks found in the market. The texture is comfy on hand feel and I like that it has slits to allow the mask to adhere to the facial contour closely.

Targeting the below part of the face and chin, the mask is divided in three portions with hooks that secure the mask to the ears comfortably and allows me to move around freely.

The lifting and firming effect is almost instant and I am utterly impressed by how it has helped to define and make my face seems sharper looking upon removing the mask during the first application! 



Besides using the mask once a week as per suggested for maintenance, I would apply the mask for three consecutive nights before an important event in order to look my best. And apart from that, this 2B Mask For Face mask is also the emergency weapon that I use whenever my tired face need an instant firm up.  

I am hooked! But hey, before you take my word for it, do check out what Hong Kong ‘TVB’ TV Channel celebrities have to say in this video:  

For more information, please visit their Official website: http://www.2blife.com/ and like their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2Bslimming for product updates. 

Before I sign off, here’s to share a clip on the production process from 2B Alternate’s lab.  

Dermal Therapy Blistop

16 Apr

My relationship with heels has always been a love-hate affair. 


 A pair of stilettos could instantly adds height and complete an outfit but walking on heels gives me blisters and ugly scars thereafter. It is a pain having to drag my feet all day and I certainly don’t enjoy sticking plasters here and there. But then again, I am also not prepared to step into the boardroom or the ballroom with a pair of grumpy flops either. And so my feet have continued to endure my torture as I balance each step with grace and pain until Dermal Therapy Blistop came to the rescue. 

Dermal Therapy Blistop

Dermal Therapy Blistop

Formulated with Dimethylether, Menthol and Acrylic co Polymer, Dermal Therapy Blistop is a blister prevention spray that envelops the skin with an invisible elastic veil that offers instant protection and prevents blisters from forming due to friction. It is transparent so it is invisible on the skin and it will not stain or leaves any residues. Being micro-aerated, skin remains breathable and this invisible, water resistant film does not rub off easily, thus offering long hours of protection.


 The spray is easy to use. All you need is to shake well, hold it 5 – 10cm away and spritz on your toes, ankles and any areas of your feet that would usually get blisters. Do so on dry skin and wait till the mist is completely dry before wearing your socks or shoes. The mist will form into a transparent wrap and envelops your skin within a few seconds. It is almost invisible and though you could feel that something is there, it will not hindrance your movement at all. Like hairspray and other spray products, there is a very slight scent but the smell is not offending. A word of caution though, the nozzle tends to dispense over generously in a single spritz so try to control the dispenser to get the right amount each time.

It is amazing how this invisible film could buffers my skin against friction and allows me to walk in comfort the entire day. It is very convenient and handy I like that it would wear off gradually so I don’t have to kick up a fuss removing it after use. All I need is to lightly peel off whatever is leftover in my shower at the end of the day and that’s it.

Affordably priced at S$11.90, a can of Dermal Therapy Blistop is good for up to 50 applications, I would highly recommend this innovative spray to anyone and everyone who wears shoes at one point or other. And whether you are still battling with your old shoes or planning to conquer the dance floor with your new gears tonight, keep the spray handy and you feet will thank you for the invisible protection.


Dermal Therapy Blistop is available at: Guardian, SaSa, Watsons, Unity and other pharmacies. For more product information, visit: www.dermaltherapy.com.sg




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