Bosch Automotive Road Show

3 Jun

31st May 2012

Chevron House, Raffles Place

Bosch Automotive Road Show

Were you there on that day? 


Is car an asset or liability? I can’t decide but ultimately, it is our family’s most valued besides our flat so it makes sense to take care of it well. And that is why the invite to the Bosch Roadshow sparks my interest.

The folks over at Raffles Place got lucky on 31 May 2012 as Bosch Automotive held a roadshow at the Chervon House and rained the place with lots of fun and goodies. Besides free car checks, 50% off on servicing and wipers, there are other products on sale as well as great lucky dip prizes like GPS and Digital Cameras to be won at the booth. While many car owners also get a chance to dish out their questions and chat with the experts over coffee, every visitor also get to walk away with a cute Figurine of Bob on hand.

It was a pleasure meeting Kelvin and Joanne and i am sure that Uncle Bob and his team had also enjoyed themselves with the crowd.

If you happened to be at the roadshow and had your picture taken with Uncle Bob, pop over to their Facebook page and rally all friends to vote for your photo now! While there, don’t forget to cast a vote for me too, mine’s the first picture on page 5. Thanks much and good luck all!


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