Skinfactory Clinical Mask from Beauty Finest

15 May

Like those nifty essentials inside the first aid kit, I often view sheet masks as the SOS for my face.

My skin gets irritated easily and reacts poorly to environmental pollutants, climate and hormonal changes. A few hours on the flight will lead to patchiness and with red angry bumps flaring up. I can’t possibly swap the entire range of skincare when my skin reacts so an assortment of sheet masks would come in handy to ease and address the respective concerns.

On my recent Vietnam trip, I took several pieces of Skinfactory Mask along and tried them out throughout the week. On the first night touching down, I used the Aqua Mask to combat the dryness and replenish my skin with hydration. Over the next few days, the weather was terribly humid and I picked the Brightening Mask after a day under the hot sun to revitalize and brighten my skin and relied on the Nourishing Mask to keep my face in check before I left the country. Immediately upon my return, I put on the Acne Care Mask to regulate and purify my skin and amazingly, I did not have any trouble on my skin during or after the trip that I would normally have.

Apart from the unique color-coded packaging that resembles a medical drip, each and every Skinfactory mask is infused with 30ml of treatment essence and that is probably equivalent to one regular bottle of serum. On my first trial, I fell asleep and woke with the cellulose mask still adhered closely to my facial contours. The mask was so steeply soaked that it did not dry up even after one hour! Besides being dermatologist tested, paraben free, I like the easy absorption and the optimal effects that the mask provides. The result is almost instantaneous and long lasting. I especially love how my skin felt soft and dewy the next morning after using the Aqua Mask and how the Nourishing Mask rejuvenate my skin and gave my otherwise, dull and shallow skin tone a radiant glow!

About Skinfactory

Skinfactory is a trusted Korean Brand which started as a cosmetics brand founded by a group of medical specialists (from Seoul National University) to offer pure & natural skincare products which emphasize the wellbeing & balance of the skin for both man & woman of all skin types.  Their natural products include cleanser, toner, essence, serum and special cellulose cotton facial mask.

Additionally, all Skinfactory products have completed clinical testing through the Hushu Clinic, with which they collaborate.  Hushu is a well-known International Dermatology Clinic.  (See below Korean Stars at Hus-hu Clinic).

All their products are fragrance-free, pigment-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free and mineral oil-free and are dermatologically tested.   They are a socially responsible company, committed to limiting the impact of its actions and products on the environment and only the best ingredients from nature are used to make their products. 

Pure & natural are what they aspire to be.  Customers can rest assured that not only will their products help you look your best; they will also help you feel your best as they support your healthy lifestyle.


Aqua Mask 

– Moisturises and protects skin from Dryness. Suitable for sensitive skin Effectively boost & lock the  moisture content and stabilizes the bond ability of water in the skin to hydrates & restore suppleness

Lifting Mask 

– Provide strong firming and lifting to skin that has lost its elasticity Effectively lifts and restores skin firmess and elasticity. The skin is perceptibly smoother, firmer and looks fresh and juvenile.

Collagen Mask 

– Boost collagen production and strengthen the elasticity of the skin to maintain a youthful & radiant complexion by restoring moisture, suppleness and firmness of the skin

Brightening Mask 

– Brighten your complexion while intensively revitalise your skin by  inhibits melanin formation, lightens melanin pigmentation & acne scars, improves uneven skin tones and prevents the formation of freckles and age spots effectively.

Nourishing Mask 

– Provides vitamins to cultivate bright and clear skin.

Acne Care Mask

– Target acne-prone skin. Helps to purify the skin for a clear and radiant complexion by effectively reduces impurities, regulates & control sebum and oil. 

Good News!  

Beauty Finest Pte Ltd carries this fabulous Korea brand (among other premium products) under its wing and delivers to both locally and internationally. 

Skinfactory Sheet Mask is affordable at:

 Buy 1 Mask at SGD 5.00,
For more details, check out their website here
 And More Good News!!

Beauty Finest’s is running its 2nd Giveaway and 3 winners will be rewarded to a Skin Watchers’ Papaya Peeling Gel. Click here for more details. 


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