Gangnam Laser Clinic

3 Mar

What you do expect from an express facial?

Personally, I would want a treatment that uses the most minimal time to produce the most maximum result.

And how long do you expect the duration of an express facial to be?

60 minutes? 45 minutes? Or perhaps 30 minutes?

The one that I have recently did at Gagman Laser Clinic take less than 10 minutes, excluding the consultation of course. In fact, the consultation with the very charismatic, Korean looking, Dr Moses Ng had taken a longer time than the laser facial itself, probably because that was my first time visit and also that I am way too problematic :-,

Talking about the consultation, I really appreciate how this friendly doctor took time to understand the patient’s needs and explained how their laser treatments will benefit the patient.

I like that he is very genuine and does not gives pig-can-fly kind of promises. When I whined about the pigmentations on my cheeks, he offered comfort by telling me Melasma is very common on Asian women and suggested that I should try topical therapy before considering other drastic measures.

Alright, back to the laser facial.

After the clinic therapist has cleansed my face, Dr Moses Ng assessed my skin again before starting with the toning laser to target the deeper layer of the skin. Besides stimulating of collagen production, it could also helps to tighten and tone the skin. Though he has warned that there might be a slight sensation but the thick-skin me did not experienced any pain or discomfort and before I knew it, it was all  over 😉

The second laser that the doctor has performed was a micro-peeling laser that targets the surface layer of the skin. This laser actually helps to remove dull and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and the result was instant, Immediately, my skin felt smoother and hey, I was glowing with radiance!  

What’s a facial without a mask?

Once the doctor has done with the laser, the therapist came into the room and pampered me with a cold, cold mask taken right from the fridge. This mask is super cooling on the skin and the therapist explained that this tissue mask will also helps to soothe the skin, optimize the laser treatment and provides intense hydration.

The beautiful part is that, it only needs five minutes on the face and the entire treatment is completed.


Fast, zero downtime, instant glow and with the result getting better and better by day, this is the ultimate Express Laser Facial that suits anyone and everyone!  Try it yourself, this Express Laser Facial is priced at $88 for first time patient and all skincare, including the laser are from Korea.

For myself, I am seriously contemplating going back for fillers >:)

Gangnam Laser Clinic is located at: No.1 Martime Square #03-55 HarbourFront Centre 


You can contact the clinic on 6275-3381 to make an appointment or PM them for more details on their FB page and keep abreast of their latest promotions:


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