JigoCity – $30 for Romantic 3-course Dinner at Seven Seas Restaurant

12 Aug

With so many group/deal/coupon buys flooding the online market, it is simply impossible not to be lured away by them.

Over the past few months, my online credit card spending has increased tremendously due to the purchases of such deals. In fact, for July alone, I have bought more than 30 deals from the various ‘dealers’ and I find eatery deals especially irresistible. As a result, my waistline is expanding. And this is really bad!

Among the many deals, I have encountered a few bad ones that don’t give a damm about their food or service.  I had once bought a few burger vouchers for a fastfood joint at Nex but when I tried to redeem them at the outlet, I was turned away with the claim that the machine making that particular burger was down and the manager refused my request to exchange for other type of burgers flatly. Shortly after, it closed its door without any notice and my unutilized vouchers could not accepted by their other outlets!

Then, there are those who provide ‘sub-standard’ service that is relevant to the price of the voucher (½ price, ½ of the service standard), some satisfactory ones and a few very good ones that deserve my praises. One of these good deals is the $30 for Romantic 3-course Dinner at Seven Seas Restaurant that I bought from JigoCity.

I wish to compliment the outstanding service of Ms Peggy from Seven Seas at the Changi Sailing Club. Not only that she was very courteous and helpful while taking my reservation over the phone, she had make an effort to remember guest names and I was greeted warmly by my first name when we reached the restaurant. She was so friendly that we felt like old friends instead of patrons.

Throughout our visit, she has displayed great customer service and was very attentive to every diner’s needs. She made rounds to ensure that we (as well as other diners) were comfortable and the food and drink provided were satisfactory. When she saw that we can’t finished our food and had a huge amount of leftover, she explained that the serving of their food is rather big and even voluntarily suggested to pack the leftover for us!

Peggy - a rare gem in the service line

Our romantic dinner by the sunset..


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