For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Blemish Balm cream

22 Mar

I have always wanted to try this For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Blemish Balm Cream for the long time but when I finally brought a tube as Christmas present for myself from Sephora, I misplaced it even before Christmas arrived and so I never get a chance to try it until now.

2014-03-22 13.15.17 Thanks to For Beloved One, I got a tube flew from Taiwan!

2014-03-22-13-00-07_deco 2014-03-22-13-01-05_deco As you can see, the box packaging is different from what I had brought previously. This one is in 30ml and the one available in Singapore is 50ml.


Formulated with world’s leading pharmaceutical patent Lumiskin ™, ascorbyl glucoside, job’s tears extract and rose hips oil, this For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Blemish Balm Cream not only has the effects of whitening, repair and conceal flaws, it also contains an intelligent tracking color factor that can automatically track and create a soft and natural light perception to give skin a translucent, nude look appearance. 

Other ingredients of the BB cream include Allantoni, Bisabolol and Chamomile extracts. Allantoni, being a natural skin healing agent, could help to stimulate cell regeneration, ease skin allergies and increase skin moisture to soothe and give the skin a smoother appearance. Bisabolol is a plant compound that contains anti-inflammatory and healing effects and could relive skin discomfort as well as improving the skin’s immunity and the latter, Chamomile extracts promotes wound healing, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and improve allergic condition.

With such soothing properties, it is no wonder this BB cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and problematic skin. 

2014-03-22-13-03-05_deco 2014-03-22-13-03-50_deco 2014-03-22-13-04-21_deco

On top of its brightening and repairing benefits, this BB cream works like a chameleon that matches my skin tone while giving me a sheer, translucent coverage. While it cannot cover the huge patch of Melasma on my cheeks completely, it hides my enlarged pores, fine lines and other imperfections.

I like it how brightens up my complexion and gives me a matte finish that creates the illusion of flawless skin. It looks good on its own for a nude makeup effect but it also works well as a base for foundation. 

I noticed that there is a lack of sun protection factor but then again, with its multiple efficiency of Brightening, Repairing and Coverage all in one, this BB cream is absolutely more than what I could bargain for.

I am extremely glad that it does not oxidize after some time and gives me a grayish undertone that some BB cream would.

The thin consistency fluid glides on easily and spreads on evenly so a little goes a long way.  I find the light scent very pleasurable and I especially appreciate how it could pacify poached skin and allow my face to stay fresh throughout the day without touch up. 


Available from Sephora Singapore at SDG$50 for a 50ml tube, For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Blemish Balm Cream is a wonderful multi-tasker that every woman sought to have on their dressing table. 


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