Yadah Twin Angel BB Cream with Cheek Tint & Yadah Air Powder Pact

11 Mar

The other day my little 4 year old niece saw this set of Yadah on the table and claimed that it is hers. My 30 year old colleague has asked for them when she saw a picture that I have posted. My mum too, could not resists trying them out so I reckoned that makeup and cute illustration are girly stuffs that appeal to women, no matter what age they might be.


Yadah Twin Angel BB Cream with Cheek Tint SPF 35/PA+++

When come to BBs, I dare say that no one does it better than the Koreans. And Yadah, being a typically Korean brand, not only that they do BB cream, they have take it a step further by throwing in a cheek tint on the cap!
Isn’t that neat!
I simply love this multi-functional tint! Besides giving my cheeks a light blush, I am using it as a lip tint and even on my eyelids to hold my mineral loose eye shadow powder.
Just as multi-functional, Yadah Twin BB Cream is a combination of sun protection, makeup primer, concealer and foundation.
Specially formulated with natural ingredients such as mango seed butter and camellia sinensis leaf extract, Yadah Twin BB Cream is 100% free from paraben, artificial coloring, mineral oils, sulphates and animal extracts. It also contains skin soothing and regenerating properties and is able to control sebum and promote fairer and conceal imperfections.
Besides being gentle, non comedogenic and suitable for all skin types, Yadah Twin BB Cream’s winning formula is perhaps its efficiency to provide an all-in-one solution that that protect, conceal and cover.
Personally, I find its fluid consistency blends onto my skin easily and smoothly. I like that it feels hydrating and could instantly brighten up my dull and tired looking complexion. Besides giving me the much needed sun protection with SPF35PA+++ , it hides my pigmentations fairly well and gives a very natural finish.
My face looks dewy and I am good even without foundation.


https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/Yadah Twin Angel BB Cream with Cheek Tint is distributed by ibeaute and is available at qoo10.sg 


Yadah Air Powder Pact SPF 35/PA+++


I always apply powder as the final step of makeup to avoid ending up looking like a greasy pan in our humid climate. Whether it is loose or compact, powder work as a setting agent that seal makeup and accentuate skin by giving it a smooth, polished finish.
Free from paraben, tar color, benzophenone, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, and animal ingredients, Yadah Air Powder Pact contains cactus extract that soothes skin comfortably. 
I like how this moisturizing mineral powder could adhere to the skin and hide the visibility of the large pores and other imperfections even further. This ultra fine powder has a silky texture that gives the skin a matte, flawless finish and I appreciate how my makeup could stay fresher and longer.
It is comforting to know that it has SPF35/PA++ so whenever I do touch up,  I am also replenishing my sun protection.
powder 1
Yadah Air Powder Pact is available in two shades, #19 Light Beige and #21 Natural Beige.
powder 2
Also distributed by ibeaute and you can get it at qoo10.sg


Whether you are a newbie or you are very much into the Korean trend or you are a busy girl who prefers no fuss makeup, you will appreciate these hard working basics from Yadah.

Apart from Yadah Twin Angel BB Cream with Cheek Tint & Yadah Air Powder Pact, I am also loving:

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