Gülsha Face Oil

5 Mar

How I can not fall in love with this rose garden in a bottle!



Though it is oil but the texture of this fluid is so light that it does not feels like oil at all. I like how it could penetrate into the skin quickly and turning my skin into a silky smooth and soft canvas without leaving any greasy residue.



With the high concentration of 4000kg of Damask Roses in 1L of pure oil and being free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colorings, synthetic rose oil and fragrances, it is no wonder that this skin enhancer would works its magic to oxygenate, balance and rejuvenate the skin while improving the skin’s elasticity, boost its hydration level, aid in healing as well as maintaining the skin’s radiance and softness.  


Not only that Gülsha Face Oil is very nourishing and hydrating, its healing power is amazing too. In fact, the irritable dry patch on my thighs that I have been treating with argan oil for many months without success has miraculously healed in 3 days!     

While I would use this elixir to pacify of my poached skin whenever it needs an instant boost, I am also using a few drops this highly concentrated essence to massage my face every night after splashing on Gülsha Rose Water. I like how it would work overtime to repair and rejuvenate my skin while I sleep. As a result, my skin would look fresher and feel luxuriously soft and smooth the next morning and I certainly love that radiant glow that I see in the mirror!  

Gülsha Face Oil

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