Gulsha Rose Water

4 Mar

Hello ladies! What do you do whenever you receive a bouquet of rose? Do arrange them in a vase and admire their beauty for the next few days? Or would you air-dry them over the next few weeks to preserve them as dried flowers? I have once boiled them. I simmered the petals with distilled water to make myself a bottle of rose water spray but seriously, many of you would believe that this little DIY trick would do your skin wonders?


Rose Water is no doubt the secret of many beauties for centuries, but it definitely takes more than rose petals and water to make this elixir. And that it is why I was overjoyed when I come to know about Gulsha Damask Rose Water

What makes Gulsha Damask Rose Water so precious is that contained within every 200ml of the Rose Water is a thousand of preciously handpicked Damask Roses from the yearly harvest and Damask Roses, being the Queen of Flowers, are known for its hydrating and toning benefits. 

Gulsha Rose Water contains 99.9% natural rose extracts, undiluted with water and is delicately produced using the traditional steam distillation techniques and free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colorings and fragrances.

With the ingredient so limited and pure, it is no wonder that people often refer Gulsha Rose Water as Liquid Gold

Indeed, Liquid Gold it is and I just love every drop of it!

It has been two weeks since I have started using this Gulsha Rose Water and I have already witness leaps of improvement on my skin. Due to its rich content of natural antioxidant properties and Vitamin C, it has helps to tone and brightens up my skin tone while soothing my otherwise dull and dry skin with intense hydration. As a result, my skin looks rejuvenated, refreshed and well rested.

I find the scent of the rose water very therapeutic and I am using it in place of a toner to balance pH level after cleansing, I am using it as a mask to soothe and hydrate my dull and poached skin, I am using it to erase my panda-looking under eye circles, I am using it as a face mist to perk my skin while working in the freezing office and I am using it as a relaxation aromatherapy. In fact, I have found so many uses of the gentle, multi-functional rose water that the list would goes on and on..

DIY Gulsha Rose Water Mask

DIY Gulsha Rose Water Mask 

Now at a promotional price at SGD$68, this Gulsha Rose Water is one worthy investment that your skin will thank you for! 


For the product information, please check out Gulsha Singapore website and like their Facebook page: for updates and promotions.



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