Elizabeth Arden – Untold

27 Feb


But I have a story tell.

Though not a typically Cheong Sum kind of person (in fact, Cheong Sum always makes me feel fat and I am breathless in them) but in the mood of the festive spirits, I have gamely sent in this picture to take part in Elizabeth Arden’s Facebook #UntoldArden QOTD Contest. I wrote that I hoped the fruity and floral scent of the Elizabeth Arden new fragrance UNTOLD could jazz up this traditional dress a bit.. Alright, the truth is that I was too lazy to put up a proper outfit so I simply snap a shot of what I was wearing that day but guess what? My entry has won in the contest and for that, I was rewarded handsomely with a 100ml Untold EDP as well as an exclusive necklace MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!



The taste of winning a prize is sweet and what make it even more meaningful is that I am receiving a gift from my favorite brand!


https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/A matter of fact, I have started using perfume when I was sixteen and my very first bottle was none other than Elizabeth Arden Red Door. 

Yes, you heard me right, a silly sixteen year old school girl using a fragrance far more matured and sophisticated for her own age. But I didn’t care. It was love at first sniff. I had instantly fell in love with the scent the moment I tried it on my wrist and it has become my signature scent ever since. Then a year later, I met a man who came running after me because he liked how I smell. This man has fallen in love with the scent that I was wearing before falling for me. I didn’t care either. And this man has become my husband. 

Now two decades, many versions and countless bottles of Red Door later,  I am still happy to receive a bottle of Red Door on valentines, birthdays and anniversaries from the same man.  But before life gets too boring, perhaps it is the time to spice up our senses a bit with this younger, fresher fragrance ^_^


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