Olala Rolling Up Mascara & Olala Corset Pact

26 Feb

If not for the Korean wordings on the boxes, I could have easily mistaken Olala for some western cosmetic brand. Its loud and bold packaging is a huge contrast against the usual Korean’s very soft, pastel, floral or even cutsy kind of stuff and if it is screaming for attention, it surely got mine!


Oh, speaking of Korean brands, we ought to have ibeaute to thank for. Apart from bringing us many renowned brands from Korea, they have made them so affordably and readily available to qoo10.sg 


Back to Olala.

Olala Rolling Up Mascara


https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/Compare to the mascara’s shiny purple and green packaging, the wand itself is nothing fanciful. The slightly curved bristle brush is pretty standard looking but I was surprised by how it could separate my lashes and give them a thorough, clump-free coating that lengthen and volume all at the same time.  

It reaches to even the tiniest lash, the color is intensely black and instantly, my lashes appear thicker and longer with just one coat.  It is highly water resistance and my curls stayed throughout the day, smudge-free.


Despite its high resistance and long staying power, it is surprisingly easy to remove.  I have tried removing with fluid eye makeup remover and all-in-one oil cleanser and it has responded very well to both. It dissolved and transferred itself completely onto the cotton pad and left no spidery residues or unsightly traces after washing. 


Available from qoo10.sg for SGD$12.90.


Olala Corset Pact


https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/I always believe that the purpose of using face powder is to set my makeup and not to my cover makeup so I only have one thing to ask for from my face powder: be as invisible as possible.


Fulfilling my expectation by making itself hardly noticeable once applied onto my face, this compact went on to surprise me with its super fine texture. It allows the skin to breath and will not clog pores. I like the fact that it is a non-shimmer and I like how it hides my enlarged pores while sealing my makeup to provide a smooth, flawless and matte finish. 


Available in two colors, #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige, Olala Corset Pact can be brought from qoo10.sg for SGD$12.90 each. 



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