OLIVA forte

21 Feb

This is not a sponsored post or a paid review but a product that I have personally consumed and have benefited from it.

Though my skin flushes and reddens easily, it has never caused me any major problem in my younger days. In fact I have cruised through my teenage years with smooth and clear skin while my peers struggled with acnes and breakouts. My skin was still good in my twenties but it was during this time that I have started my own construction firm and would be spending all most all of my waking hours at the worksite exposing to the sun. Without protection. Little do I know that my ignorance had a price to pay. And a hefty fee with incurring interest that rolled over the next ten years leading to hell breaking loose when I hit mid thirties.

It started with the skin on my hands and legs becoming irritably dry and scaly. Then wounds refused to heal and scars were terribly itchy. Soon my face was affected. Not only that lines and wrinkles have crept up and settled down on my face overnight, my pores have enlarged so much to the extent that I mistook them as beehive. But this wasn’t the worst yet and I started having breakouts and my entire face and neck was filled with little white heads.  

When none of the over-the-counter topical remedies worked, I sought help from beauty salons to beauty salons but instead of redeeming me from my woes, those expensive treatments only max. out my credit cards and left me feeling worst. Though one particular chemical peeling treatment did help to clear up my skin a little but it thinned my skin so much that just a minute under the sun and I will be all red and burning. My skin was ultra sensitive and peeling too. Dermatologists have diagnosed me as hormonal imbalance but again, what they prescribed proved little help.

Though I am usually not one who believes in oral health supplement but through a friend’s recommendation, I decided to give Oliva Forte a try out of exasperation.


Being my skeptical self, I was hoping for miracle but then again, I wasn’t expecting miracle to happen at all. The initial result slow but still, I persisted popping a pill a day and upped to two from the third week after noticing that my dry skin doesn’t itch that much.

Gradually my perseverance paid off, my skin no longer feels so tight and parched after shower and it was okay to skip greasing those sticky and yucky body lotions to soothe my dry skin for a night or two. Wounds and bites took a shorter time to heal. While lines and wrinkles have proclaimed their permanent residency status and decided to make my face their home, my skin has cleared up and those irritable white heads begone.

While I have channeled all my energy on my skin and neglected my poor short and brittle nails, Oliva Forte gave me a bonus by strengthen them and for the first time in many years, I could grow my fingernails to a decent length without crippling.

It has been half a years since I started taking Oliva Forte and these days, I am feeling so much healthier and happier with better general health well being, skin, nails, and hair. 



2 Responses to “OLIVA forte”

  1. Esther February 21, 2014 at 11:53 am #

    Dear Janette, we are really glad that you benefitted so much from OLIVA forte and we appreciate your valuable feedback! May we know which OLIVA forte did you consume? Enchant or Essence?

    • Life begins at 40 February 21, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

      Enchant but I have started taking Essence recently to see the difference.

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