Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment Review

16 Dec

Though I have been experiencing hair loss for a couple of years by now but these days I am really stressed out on seeing huge clumps of hair falling out every morning when I wash my hair and strands and strands of hair all over the floor of the entire house. And as if it is not enough of a nightmare, my scalp has recently became terribly flaky and disturbingly itchy – a condition that my hair stylist has insisted as Sensitive Scalp.

Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment

I have stepped into Yun Nam Hair Care Heartland Mall Branch with huge anticipation.

Upon filling up a questionnaire, the assistant branch manager proceed to perform a computerized scalp analysis and walked through the computer screen with me as she went along.

Though I was fully aware of my own set of problems but it still shocked to see how bad the state of my scalp is under the scope. To my horror, my scalp was kind of like covered with dandruff-like flakes and the consultant explained that such are buildups of dead cells, hair products, pollutants and such. She said that while my hairstylist is partially right about me having a sensitive scalp, what she has failed to tell me was that one of the culprit that contributes to the problem could be those chemical hair treatments that I do frequently. She warned that such treatments would worsen the condition further and lead to more hair problems if left untreated.

I have almost fallen off my chair when the consultant has diagnosed me with oily scalp and I was like: What? OILY SCALP? But my hair is so DRY!!!

Lesson learnt: The condition of your scalp and hair is two different issues. Your hair may be dry as grass but your scalp could still be an oilfield. Gosh! And all this while I have stressing my scalp with the wrong type of shampoo! My poor head!

After the analysis, the consultant concluded that we should work on the cleansing of the scalp and prescribed me a Customised Herbalogy Scalp Treatment for that matter.

After the consultation, I was lead into their treatment room for a thorough shampoo and rinse. Gosh! The Ginseng shampoo smells heavenly!

After which, the consultant came back with a bowl of mixture customized with ginseng and other herbs and applied it on my scalp using a small cotton piece and put me to steam for 30 minutes.


The prescribed treatment is targeted to deep cleanse the scalp by unclogging and repairing damaged hair follicles while strengthening the hair roots and stimulating new hair growth.

After the treatment, I was back to the consultation room for another round of scan and I was delighted to see the leap of improvement through the before and after scan. And as promised, I was feeling so much lighter and fresher after the cleanse. The best thing is, I did not experience any itch on the day or the day after and the day after!

It generally would take about 2 hours per treatment including before and after hair analysis and half and hour of hair steaming and the number of treatments required will solely depend on individual needs. As for my case, the consultant has felt my scalp condition is quite severe and has proposed about 40 treatments.

yun nam

Hair Loss? Dandruff? Grey hair? Oily Scalp? 
Yun Nam Hair Care is just a ring away+65 6363 3232



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