KATE Lash Maximizer Eyelash Plus (White)

4 Dec

Unlike my Indian counterparts that are born with flirtatiously long and curly eye lashes, mine’s typically Oriental – sadly short and downward pointing.

In order to get those dolly winks that I fancy, I used to visit the beauty parlor to have my lashes perm every three weeks. When falsies were back into fashion some years ago, I was happy to forego the perm and use lesser mascara but the problem was that falsies tends to get in the way of my spekkies. Then when eyelash extension hit our shores, I was ecstatic! Even though I find it quite cumbersome having to make frequent trips for refilling and like falsies, extension is just as uncomfortable but I continued to endure it for vanity sake until one eye infection that refused to heal. I was forced to quit ‘torturing’ my lashes by the doctor’s order of a complete removal of my extensions and so there I was, back to my old flame and the quest for mascaras that give volume, length and curl continues. 


When LifestylePost was looking for Brand Advocates to test drive KATE Lash Maximizer, I have gamely applied and was honored to be selected as one! Thanks, LifestylePost J


Besides the simple, white packaging, what impresses me more is how the brush is able to pick up just the just amount of the white fluid from the tube and deposit evenly on my lashes. The curved shape has made application effortless and the brush brittles were able to catch even my shortest lashes and lifted them up subtly. 

https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/ I am glad that the fiber is able to adhere to my lashes smoothly without clumping and it dries relatively fast so it does not hindrance the application of mascara over it.

While this base could not offer the volume that I desired, it does help to prep and extend my lashes with a considerably lasting curl for a natural looking finish.

Though it is pretty resistant and has helped my non-waterproof mascara stayed smudge free, yet removal is incredibly easy and it only took me two wipes with my usual eye makeup removal to get everything dissolved.       



https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/Priced at SGD$20.50, I would recommend Lash Maximizer Base for those who have short lashes like mine.   



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