Touch In Sol My star in the sky BB Cream

23 Nov

With more cosmetic brands are now milking on the latest craze of CC cream, you may be laughing on why I am still writing about BB cream. But hey, before you snort at me, I gotta tell you why this Touch In Sol My star in the sky BB Cream is still one worthy investment.


2Being a typical BB cream formula, this cream is still a multi-taker that offers a quick solution that can act as a makeup base, a highlighter or on its own for a nude makeup effect that provides coverage, whitening, anti-aging and sun protection. However, quite unlike its many ancestors that tends to oxidize and has a greyish undertone that will make looks me deadly after a while, what this Touch In Sol My star in the sky BB Cream gives me is a very sheer sheen of glow.  It contains micro hologram pearl that gives this shimmering effect that could somehow conceals the dullness of my complexion and brighten up my skin tone. 


5It is remarkably water-resistant too. I have done a patch test on my hand and did not bother to clean it but the cream has remained glittering on my hand a few hours later despite that I have touched water for a couple of times within that period. Like wise, my face makeup has remained intact though I was already sweating buckets after an intense gym workout. With stuff so persistent, I am surprised by how easy it is to remove. I have tried using both cleansing milk and cleansing oil and all it takes was a gentle wipe. It does not leave any residue and my face feel clean after washing. For non-rinse cleanser, it is better to repeat the wiping process at least twice to ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed though.

bb cream

Containing active ingredients such as Camomile Extract ,Lavender Extract, Green Tea Extract, PORTULACA OLERACEA (GREEN PURSLANE) Extract, Hydromanil-75560, and Repair Complex CLR, this BB cream is very soothing and I must say that it is impressively moisturizing and I like how it gives me a dewy effect that lasts for long hours.


Its SPF36++ sun protection capability is a bonus too. Because I am lazy bone who would rather stay in between my sheets than to stand an extra minute in front of the dressing table dolling up.

Retailing at SGD$22.90 for a tube of 30ml, the price of Touch In Sol My star in the sky BB Cream is comparable to many Korean BB creams and I would definitely recommend it for a quick and easy fix and those who likes a soft, light-reflecting radiant glow. 




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