Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa Epilation & Sonic Exfoliation System

21 Nov

Basically there are two broad categories of removing unwanted hair methods: Surface Hair Removal and Root Hair Removal.

While surface hair removal method such as Wet shaving, Electric shaving, Depilatory creams are relatively inexpensive and pain free, these methods may irritates skin and causes ingrown hair. Furthermore, hair grows back quickly and using depilatory cream can be messy and some have an unpleasant smell.

In comparison, root hair removal method offers a better solution but considering that IPL is expensive, Threading is time consuming as hair has to be pulled out one by one and Waxing can be painful, I would suggest Epilating. Not only that it could gives you an ultra smooth results for lasts for weeks and practically mess free. Epilator is easy to operate, conveniently portable and the newer models are often equipped with extra attachments for the removal of unwanted hair from specific areas such as the face. Not only so, some innovative ones, like the Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa Epilation & Sonic Exfoliation system has even got an exfoliation brush to exfoliate and refine skin!

main pic

Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa Epilation & Sonic Exfoliation system

As its name implies, this novelty has two functions: Epilate and Exfoliate. In addition to the 5 heads/caps tailored for the removal of even the finest and shortest hairs of specific body areas, this world premiere Wet & Dry epilator is equip with an exfoliation brush that uses massaging micro-vibrations to remove dead skin cells!

exfoliating Brush HeadConsisting of some 10,000 fine bristles, this 50mm, 27 degree angled exfoliating brush is designed to adapt to the contours of the female body as it gently sweep away dead skin cells and stimulates regenerations of the skin’s surface. With more than 3000 micro-vibrations per minute, this exfoliation brush can be used wet or dry to exfoliate your skin four times more effectively than a painstakingly manual scrub.

A clever innovation, isn’t it?

Instead of the time consuming and messing scrub, I am sure you ladies would appreciate how this nifty device is able to give your body a good polish within minutes of rotary swirls as much as I am. And oh, let’s not forget how expensive a body scrub can at the spa and how how it is going to save you in the long run with this worthy investment.

Personally I love exfoliating and would especially recommend giving your skin a thorough brush using this exfoliating function a couple of days before epilating to prep your skin.

additional featuresAlright, so much on exfoliation, now let’s dive in to the other main function of the Silk-épil 7: Epilation


As I have mentioned earlier, many epilators nowadays would come with additional attachments and this Silk-épil 7 has not one, but four different heads/caps that tailored for specific body areas needs. Besides, the regular Shaver Head that allows you to use the epilator as a full fledged dry shaver, there is a Trimmer Cap and a Sensitive Area Head that works on underarms and bikini area as well as, my favorite, the Facial Head that removes unwanted facial hair in a swift.

The other features of Silk-épil 7 includes:
1) Waterproof & Washable 
All Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry models have a sealed body, which means they can be both used and cleaned under running water for better hygiene
2) Speed personalization 
You can select the right speed for your individual needs: Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, speed 2 for extra efficient epilation
3) Cordless use – fast recharge 
Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa gives you the freedom to epilate in comfort wherever and whenever desired. With up to 40 minutes running time – easily enough for a full epilation – and a 1 hour charge it runs for longer and charges faster than many epilators. 

I will be kidding you if I say epilating is absolutely painless. There bound to have a little pulling sensation during the initial epilating process but I would say unless you have zero threshold for pain, the discomfort is very negligible once your skin begins to adapt to the treatment.


Priced at SGD$219, this innovative Silk-épil 7 is undoubtedly a woman’s best friend for instant smooth skin!

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