Whisper Cosmo Sanitary Pad + Giveaway

16 Nov

The length of a menstrual cycle varies between 21 to 35 days with 28 days being the average length. And generally, if your cycle lasts longer, you probably have fewer periods in a year and if you have a shorter cycle, then you may have a period more than once a month. But no matter how long or short the cycle is, that time of the month is often fill with discomfort and besides enduring the cramps and pains, there is the awkward moments of having the pad bunching up under the lingerie and for some, the embarrassment of leakage and staining.

So, here’s introducing to you the next generation premium napkin from Whisper: Whisper Cosmo.

pic 1

Featuring Lactoflex, a new revolutionary ‘liquid’ material that provides a breakthrough protection against leakage while maintaining comfort and intuitive flexibility. Whisper Cosmo is made of soft, resilient, low-density, open-celled, very absorbent polymeric foam, thus providing excellent flexibility and elasticity while remaining incredibly light. Lactoflex’s integrated two-layer structure with a top layer of large cells allows for rapid absorption and the bottom layer with small cells for storage and distribution. Besides that, the pad’s unique flexibility and resiliency offers a better fit that minimizes bunching throughout the wearing.

Whisper Cosmo breakthrough design is a combination of intuitive tapered core, grooves and slots that help the pad achieve a critical 3D fit that moulds to the body. It has 3 times more absorption power and is gentle on the skin to provide the user peace of mind and comfort.  

pic 4 pic 2 pic 3

My take:
The packaging – from the shiny box to the yellow wrapper stands out from the usual crop of printed-plastic outer package and pinky wrapper of the majority feminine napkins available in the market.   





On opening up the box, I was astonished to find the pads being so thin. Nonetheless, that did not stop me to put its claims of providing the user 360 degrees freedom of movement with 3 times more absorbency as well as gentle and dry on the skin to test on the first day of my period, which happened to be on the day of my 21km run itself. So, along with the stretching, warming up and all, I embarked the day before sunrise to run my race with an unease of heavy flow.


I was expecting to experience the usual hot, wetly and jabbing discomforts in between steps but instead I was feeling as thought the pad wasn’t there at all. I like how its rapid absorption has allows its top layer to remain dry and cool while its flexibility allows me to move freely without any hindrance.

I usually would prefer to use a thicker and longer length pad at night to ensure greater protection but Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day pad’s efficiency has prompted me to ditch my regular night pad and used this 24cm pad while I sleep too. After the gruesome day, I have slept soundly through the night without bothering to change pad. When the checking the pad the morning after, the top layer has remained dry but when turned over, I realized how heavily soaked the pad was. Yet, there was no leakage or staining!

I am impressed!  


 Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day (24cm with wings) is available at leading pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore at SGD$6.50. 


Hey ladies, Cozycot and Whisper Singapore are giving 50 boxes of Whisper COSMO for you lovely readers to experience the product for FREE! All you need to submit your details below and waits Cozycot to get in touch with you. Hurry, the offer is valid only for the First 50 readers residing in Singapore only. 



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