14 Nov

Gosh! My blog is fast becoming a piece of stale bread with the lack of posts. Pardon me but besides being suffocated with the never ending day-to-day chores and tons of back-loads these days, many skincare products take time to produce results so I can’t probably just pen a review overnight.

Yeah, these excuses sure don’t sound quite convincing, afterall, I own 24 hours a day like everyone else does so I gotta admit that I am lazy. I am possibly also the lousiest blogger on earth to work with. I don’t bother about traffic statistics, I don’t fancy about attending events and I don’t go around promoting myself (or my blog). I choose what I want to write and would always try to focus on the good stuff. Take example, if I am not quite happy with a certain product that I have tried, I’ll elaborate on its strong points but if I absolutely could not find anything deserving to say, I would rather not to pen it instead of making words from air to paint the product in order to please the sponsor. I would also not put a bad review because I feel that a product that does not works on me may serves well on others so it is unfair to rob its chance with an unpleasant publicity.

Personally, I am aware of a lady who is so ‘committed’ to her blog that besides holding a day job, she is practically hanging around media events, product launches and getting sponsored for products and freebies to ‘review’ in her blog.  While I hold great ‘admiration’ of her solid ‘devotion’ and her ability in writing positive assumptions for all her sponsored products without actually tried and tested the products, I am quite sympathetic that instead of living a fulfilling life in the real world, one has to live in her very own cyber world by cloning reviews after reviews and fabricating statistics to seek solace over expanding her collection of freebies from the reviews.

Anyway, I am not here to judge. In fact I think that, everyone has the right to live her life the way she deems fit, honest or not. But if you are like me, are passionate about trying out new stuffs and exchanging honest reviews, here’s introducing a new platform: where members get a chance to try exclusive promotions from brands they adore for FREE!

lifestyle post

 Come, register before their Grand Launch and you may be one of the lucky winner of 5 $280 T.O.T. sunglasses, 200 Korean facial masks, and a special $269 Bering timepiece.

See you there soon!

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