O’Kaire Perfect Moisture Control Essence

18 Sep

Has anyone heard of O’Kaire Perfect Moisture Control Essence before? 


I have got together with some masks and other beauty stuff from Taiwan some months back and had totally forgotten about it until re-packing my stuff recently. 

It came a purple box but I must have threw away its packaging while trying to maximize my luggage so I am left with the bottle without any clue of what’s within the glass or how it should be being used. Anyway, since it is an essence, I reckoned that it is going to be after the toner and before the serum. 

In any case, the reason I have bought it was because I was attracted by those pearly crystal little spheres within the bottle and was curious to find out how it actually works.

https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/ Well, it disperses into clear liquid when being pumped out. It feels more like a serum than an essence and has a smooth velvety texture.

https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/ I have to admit that I did not hold high hopes of it initially but I was amazed by how quickly it soothed and quenched the thirst of my dehydrated skin even on my first application. Normally, my terribly sensitive skin would react a little whenever a new product is being introduced but this time it was going on fine and there was no irritation, no redness and no breakouts. 

It is ultra soothing and I like how it forms a protection layer that locks in moisture and prevents my skin from drying out. It does not hindrance the absorption of the other creamy stuff that I layer on top of it and I notice that because my skin is more hydrated, my makeup glides on more smoothly and stays on better too.

Now, my problem is, where can I get my replenishment when this bottle runs out?     


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