Exilis Treatment Review

14 Sep


Earlier this morning I was walking into the hotel’s life and found myself grinning from ear to ear like a silly little girl at the lift’s wall mirror.

My face was bared and free from makeup after my final Exilis treatment and I was utterly please with what I saw.

I ought to.

Because with the deep grooves that ran down from the corners of my nose to either side of my lips looking noticeably fainter, the crow’s feet around my eyes were gratifyingly reduced, the large pores were barely visible, the multiple chins begone and my face more symmetrical and sharper, the image in to the mirror was looking good.  

Or at least, was to looking my age. 

But it wasn’t used to be that way! 

Though I was a foolish advocate of ageing naturally and gracefully, but while the mind is willing, my flesh is weak. And no thanks to my own arrogance and negligence in my younger days, my ageing physical appearance looks at least 10 years older than my biological age.  


Barely two weeks ago, I have walked into Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery with marionette lines so deep that I looked like an angry puppet. My face was like a huge chunk of stale bread with big pores and all. My eyelids were heavy, my skin was sagging and everything else was droopy and I looked miserably tired, old and haggard. If Doctor Rohan Mendis was horrified of why Cozycot has sent him such a lousy candidate, he didn’t show it. Instead, he was warm, friendly and extremely empathetic. After assessing my problematic areas, he assured me that ‘everything will be back to normal’ after the prescribed 4 sessions of Exilis treatments.

And back to normal it did.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, both sides of my face is now more balanced, lines are soften, skin appears more lifted and puffy eyes no more.

So, what kind of magical spell did Doctor Rohan Mendis cast to make me look like my mother’s daughter instead of my mother’s sister once again?


It is Exilis – a powerful non-invasive aesthetic device that uses a revolutionary patented technology that delivers thermal ultrasonic waves. Such mechanical waves would help to increase fibrotic fat structures and cause separation of the cell defensive formation into individual units. With the high frequency energy of deep thermal heating, metabolic activity is then initiated and accelerates the lipolysis process of these isolated cells therefore decreasing the volume of fat cells volume and reducing the fat layer.

Besides enhancing collagen production, Exilis works on targeted areas to reduce wrinkles, tightening and smoothen skin and body contouring. The best part is that there is no need of needles, there is no pain and no downtime. It is fast, safe and the result is said to last for 18 months.

https://lifelittletales.wordpress.com/ In case you are curious on how a typical Exilis treatment is like, it begins with the usual prepping – removing makeup and cleansing before slathering cold gel onto the targeted area. The doctor or a train staff will then run what I called ‘the magic wand’ with a heated temperature (on the last time I checked was about 40 degree Celsius) on the area to be treated. In my case, Doctor Rohan Mendis would perform the treatment on the upper part of my face and his beautiful assistant would then do the rounds below my cheeks and jaw-line. The temperature is adjustable and the entire process is relatively painless.

On my third visit, Doctor Rohan Mendis has wanted to further enhance the result and got his staff to conduct another session of Acoustic Wave Therapy after the Exilis treatment. Like Exilis, Acoustic Wave is another machine with an attached wand and the procedure is also similar but instead of heated waves, it produces a hammering effect with an accompanying fire cracking sound. Though the noise was a little scary initially but once my ears have got used to the buzzing, I have actually quite enjoyed the tickling but the point is, the effect is astonishing! Immediately, I saw the disappearance of my hamster puff and I simply love how it has given me a more defined jaw-line! 


Here’s my picture journey on the leap of improvement that I have harnessed from the Exilis treament in two weeks.   

This photo was taken on the same day at Audrey Christian’s office where I received the prize for being the best entry an hour prior to my consultation with Dr Rohan Mendis. Look how jaded and tired looking I was.

I have flew to Taiwan straight after my 1st treatment and this photo was taken a day after. Silly me has forgotten to take down my sunnies for a better facial view but then, my face was already looking brighter and fresher.

And this photo was taken right after the last installment of my treatment inside my hotel room at Hoilday Inn Express. It was a far cry from how I looked 14 days ago. Not only that my face is more symmetrical and sharper, it is so much fresher and youthful looking. 

Another picture taken on the same day later in the afternoon at the Nike Run For Your Registration 2013. Though I was all red and sweating from the run, my face was glowing and looking good.


Special thanks to Cozycot, Innomed Asia and Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery for this magical transformation and my new found confidence to stare back at myself and like what I see in the mirror.  

Oh by the way, Innomed Asia is the leading regional distributor of American and European medical and aesthetic equipment and cosmetic products that brought in Exilis. As for Cozycot, I am sure every lady (and man alike) knows about them and needs no introduction. Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery is the clinic that offers the treatment.   


Exilis can treat both face and body on wrinkle reduction skin tightening and body contouring. Depending on which of the body you are targeting and its condition, a course of 4 treatments is require to achieve a desired result,



Exilis is available at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery located at:
333A Orchard Road, #04-17 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
Tel: 6235 1728.



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