STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

23 Aug

I first came to know about Bay Hotel two Christmas back via an EDM from their PR company. 

Gaming to win a stay there, I took part in their Facebook Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest and needless to say, unlucky as always, I did not need. Else, I would have proudly put the name in my list of stayactions.

However, the campaign has successfully aroused my interest and I became so ‘familiar’ with the hotel through the spot the difference picture game that whenever someone needs accommodation while in Singapore, I’d ‘sell’ Bay Hotel to them. Good thing is that the hotel did not disappoint and most stayed with them have given thumbs up and great reviews. 

Anyway, since my experience with the hotel is limited to visiting their lobby, today’s subject won’t be about the hotel but rather, their re-brand restaurant: STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar, formerly known as Rumah Ras that served Indonesian cosines.


This time I heard from the Chinese radio station, UFM1003. It aroused my curiosity after hearing the four very sharp tongue DJs who are hosting the ‘Don’t Give A Damm’ morning talk show raving about the food for several days on a stretch. 

Besides traveling, food is one gastronomical affair that I can’t resist. So while I did not have a chance to check into the hotel, at least I want to have a taste of what’s on the plate.

I have patronized STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar for a couple of times and of course the array of dishes on their extensive menu of Italian, French, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Fusion and other flavors are great, but what impressed me even more is their service.

The restaurant manger, Mr Collin particularly, not only that he would remembers guests by their first names, he would personally be greeting you and ushering to your reserved table at the door. Besides doing his round to make sure that his diners are comfortable and enjoying their food, this jovial gentleman would chats you up like an old pal.

The rest of his team is equally good too. There was one occasion that both my hub and I were down with flu so we have opted to dine at their al fresco aining area. As we were enjoying our appetizer (can’t remember the name of the dish but it’s Beef with Spinach), a group of tourists appeared and took up all the unoccupied tables. They were a little rowdy chatting among themselves and across the tables but none of the other restaurant guest complained. However, a young chap that served our table that evening, took the initiative to go from table to table, explaining that the group is their hotel guests and they are waiting for their tour bus to pick them up and apologized for the commotion.

Sweet, isn’t it?

With such great service, the nice ambience and good food, it is hard not to keep going back to STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar. In fact we are planning to try their weekend buffet already! By the way, here are some of the dishes that we have tried and remembered to take a shot before gulping down:

Beef with Spinach 

BEEF  We simply can’t get enough of this tender beef slices and thought the dressing is really good! 

Hazelnut Escargots 

hazelnut escargots

Bathed with liqueur and flambéed at the table, it is ashamed that we have failed to taste the Hazelnut and we felt that these Hazelnut Escargots are better to be seen then be eaten.

Hawaiian Pizza 


With the thinly crust and ingredients aplenty, it is hard not to love this cheesy pizza!

 Black Pepper Lobster


I’ve tried Black Pepper Crab, Black Pepper Steak but this Black Pepper Lobster is simply irresistible! I didn’t know that Carribbean Lobster could taste so good with Chinese Style Black Pepper gravy and Ginko nuts!

2 Soup Base Hot Pot
photo from Bay Hotel website

photo from Bay Hotel website

With a seafood platter, a meat platter and Yong Tau Foo and vegetable platter as well as Tang Hoon along with a choice of 2 different soup base, Chicken broth and Siamese Luck (Tom Yam) to choose from, this hot pot set is too generous for good for two to share! Hmm..the next time we should order 2 for 3 if the restaurant doesn’t mind, that is!   


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