NeoStrata Skin Active Line Lift

7 Aug

I laugh way too much. You don’t even have a crack a joke, just show me a funny expression and I would giggling non stop for the next hour. 

And it takes 17 muscles to laugh.

I also frown too much. Being one who dread numbers, it is hard not to frown while juggling spreadsheets for the daily bread and butter.

And it takes 43 muscles to frown. 

By working on the numbers of my repetitive facial movements, I don’t need an expert to tell me I am more prone to deep expression lines. In fact I already have 100 times more lines, wrinkles and folds than my ‘emotionless’ peers of my age. Alright, a 100 times may be a bit of exaggerating but a recent skin assessment at a very reputable skincare brand has shown that my skin age is 10 years more than my actual age

That’s probably the most frightening nightmare that a woman could have and it is happening on me but if you are thinking I would want to turn back the clock, you are wrong. I am at the stage of life that i am getting comfortable with people calling me auntie and age is just a number. But then again looking good is another matter. Preserving youth is always a lifelong battle that woman fights for, no matter what age she may be.

And that brings me to NeoStrata’s innovation of Skin Active Line Lift.



Lifting deep lines and folds without needles – I like that!

Targeted to lift deep lines and wrinkles, this two-step treatment is formulated with the patented Aminofil treatment to synergistically build up the skin’s natural volume and thus, visibly reduce the appearance of deep lines and folds such as crow’s feet and laugh lines caused by repetitive facial expressions and UV damage.

 With the combined force of Step 1, AminofilTM Activator and Step 2, Finishing Complex this two step line plumper is targeted to voumize the deep skin matrix while helping to activate collagen and hyaluronic acid. As such, deep lines will appeared filled and skin shall looks more refreshed and lifted.


What is it? 

Line Lift Step 1 – Aminofil Activator

Aminofil is a patented compound by NeoStrata that has the ability to plump up skin 4 times more than inactive substance. It penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid production, improving the appearance of deep lines and folds. Also a potent antioxidant, it is able to quench free radicals that can cause premature aging and degradation of collagen.

The precision rollerball is specially designed to facilitate application to the folds and lines. It provides uniform distribution especially at hard-to-inject areas, allowing it to optimize its benefits, revealing a youthful looking skin.

line 1

Line Lift Step 2 – Finishing Complex

Formulated with matrix binding ingredients to complement Aminofil Activator, Finishing Complex stimulates skin’s own natural collagen, filling the visible lines on the skin and increasing skin firmness. Patented NeoCitritate and NeoGlucosamine enhance the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid respectively, reversing the evidences of facial expressions such as crow’s feet, frown lines and laugh lines. Fortified with optical blurring agents, immediately improve the appearance of lines, filling up the deep folds.

Line 2

What it can do?

It is clinically proven to lift and visibly reduce deep lines and wrinkles such as Frown lines, Laugh lines, Crow’s feet, Under-eye lines and Smoker’s lines.


novel amino

crow feet

under eyelaugh linesAccording to the research and clinical test, the result can be seen as early as in 4 weeks and follow by a steady percentage of improvements in the following weeks. The statistic has shown an impressive improvement of 20.3% on the under-eyes lines and wrinkles and 10.3% on laugh lines by week 16.graph

How to apply?

Step 1 – Squeeze tube gently and roll on directly to target expression lines and wrinkles, and gently massaging with fingertip.

 Step 2 – Apply after Step 1 to seal in the Aminofil™ Activator and gently massaging with fingertip. 

How much is it?

$114 before GST a set


As I am on the product for less than a week so it is way too early to visualize the real impact but so far the result has been very promising.

Though a two-step application may sounds a little complicated but the actual application is pretty neat and easy.

I like how it could immediately smoothen the lines and make my skin looks more lifted and fresher upon each application so I am going to challenge myself to see what result I could attain in 16 weeks time.

For now, time to act cool so no more laughing and frowning on my part. For the rest of you, how does learning the Science of Great Skin sounds? To find out what other NeoStrata products can do for you, check out NeoStrata on Facebook now!





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