Garden By The Bay

5 Aug

1 garden

I have wanted to visit Garden By The Bay for a long time – not that I am one who could truly appreciate flowers or so to speak but because I have heard so many praises of it. My sister-in-law especially, has been talking about it endlessly like a broken recorder ever since her visit several months back. And boy, she is so right, this garden is amazing! We only have enough time to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest but I am already falling in love with the place so much that I am contemplating of getting an annual membership so that I can go as often as we want!

1 garden by the bay


Flower Dome

Flower dome 2

Entering into a world of perpetual spring, this cooled conservatory replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy.

Flower done 1The first thing that got me squealed was the vast amount of cactus species.

cactusBesides the more common ones that are available in Singapore, we have also recognized some of the variant from Africa because our brother-in-law who is doing ministry work and resides in Africa had previously brought some home for us to plant but unfortunately, none of it has survived.


Cloud Forest

cloud 2
Entering the misty cold tower with an enthralling in the 35-metre tall indoor waterfall, it is as though stepping into a realm of mountains and be surrounded by diverse vegetation and rare plants.

cloud 3

IMG_0262We are mythically on cloud 9! 


Much as I have wanted, we have missed out the opportunity to tour the outdoor gardens that day because I couldn’t stand the burning sun and we didn’t have time to stay till the evening but I am not complaining because that has given me an absolutely valid excuse to go back again soon!  


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