Yadah Sweet Milky Tint

20 Jul

I am practically not a lipstick kind of person. I hate how the intense pigment of the lip color would amplify my wrinkly lips and make my barely there thin lips look terribly mean.

Gloss and tints are different.

I love them!

Not only that they could give my lips a soft sparkling touch of color, they give an illusion of plumper lips too. And speaking of tint, I must say Yadah Angel Lip Tint is my utmost favorite!


Don’t be fooled by its watery texture within the bottle, this Bloody-Mary-like tint is one versatile concoction that can be used on its own as a lip stain, beneath a lip color to add intensity, over a lip color for that extra punch and on the cheeks to create that after exercise glow.

I can go on and on about how good this little angel is but the star of the post should be the Yadah Sweet Milky Tint 🙂 




Like its name implies, Yadah Sweet Milky Tint comes in a milky texture and in the sweets hue of pink and red.

When applied, this creamy tint spreads on easily without leaving any sticky after feel like some tinted gloss would. It has a pleasurable sweet taste and it is non-drying to wear on its own even without lip balm and my lips still feel moist and comfortable.

When put it on a test, my tint has lasted the entire morning and only faded slightly by noon before I ‘ate’ the color away along with my lunch. After re-applying after lunch, it survived through the day under the freezing air-con and a few glasses of water and I still get to see a visible stain of color when I got home that evening.  

The staying power is pretty impressive for a tint, I must say. 


What I have it here is Sweet Cherry, 01 and Sweet Pinky. 02.

Both shades look very Barbie-like in the bottle, which is very typical of Korean lip makeup but don’t worry, the color is pretty sheer when applied. The color can be built gradually and while the Sweet Pinky gives me a very sweet pop of pink, Sweet Cherry is great to brighten up a dull face anytime.

sweet cherry 01

sweet pinky 02

They are great for under other lip color too.

In my case, I use a lip crayon and I noticed that my color has stayed fresher and lasted longer 🙂

I have also tried playing with the two tone lips effect that are so popular these days by using Sweet Cherry on the entire lips and then dab Sweet Pinky in the middle and it works really well too but too bad that my poor photography skill doesn’t make it shows in picture. 

Anyway, if you are someone who prefer low maintenance lips makeup, Yadah Sweet Milky Tint makes a good choice especially in our humid weather so you are free from worry of  smudging liner and melting lipstick under the heat. 

Yadah Sweet Milky Tint is available from


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