YADAH Mascaras

17 Jul

If you are like me, have ditched falsies for whatever so reason (in my case the longer lashes just get in the way of my specky and irritate me like a pair of windscreen wiper) but still need that extra push to ‘open up’ your eyes, here’s introducing to you two new YADAH‘s cosmetic collections:

YADAH Bloom Mascara for volume


YADAH High Lash Mascara for lengthening


Depending your own personal preference to choose from length or volume (and again in my case, I have pathetically short, sparse and thin lashes) so I need them both.


bloom openlonglong open

What I do is that after curling my lashes, I would brush on a layer of  YADAH Bloom Mascara in a zig zag motion to create volume and then apply another coat of YADAH High Lash Mascara to lengthen the lashes. 

Though the brush would picks up just the right amount and deposits the mascara evenly onto the lashes, it is always good to gently wipe off any excess onto a piece of tissue paper before applying to avoid clumping and smudging. The trick here is to wiggle the wand as you apply to separate the lashes  and if you want a  more dramatic va-va-voom effect, you could slowly build up the density by keep on topping up another coat of the mascara till the effect that you want to achieve.  

For myself,  I want natural, fuller and longer looking lashes so I am happy with just a coat of YADAH High Lash Mascara over YADAH Bloom Mascara.

short lashes

finishfinalWhat’s worthy about these YADAH Mascaras is that they don’t weigh down my lashes so my curls remained intact for long hours.

They have also remained smudge-free and flake-free on my teary eyes after 10 hours at work, a round drinks at a smoky pub and a sad mid-night movie thereafter.

Contrary to some other long lasting mascaras that are difficult to remove, removing and washing off is a breeze! Like I would do with removing the rest of my eye makeup, I need only to dab on  cotton pad with cleansing oil (I am using Skin Watcher Natural Deep Cleansing Oil) and the mascara would dissolved and transferred onto the cotton pad.

After washing, my eyes area is clean and free from residues or stubborn stains and no way would I look like a dark eye circle raccoon!



removalremoval My verdict: great lasting  power and hassle free removal! 

 heart heart  heart

Oh, here’s a sneak peek of another newbie from YADAH.

lip color Review up soon!

But before I end, remember to check out:   

Website: http://www.yadah.sg

Email beautyfinest@hotmail.com

Hotline: +65-97330848

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