Klair’s illuminating supple blemish cream

18 Jun

After reading somewhere that the best time to exercise is in fact, in the morning as it helps to kick start our system, increases metabolism rate, burn more fat and promote deeper sleep at night so I swapped my exercise regime and start hitting the gym in the mornings instead. And boy, these morning workouts are great and I feel so much more energize and chirpy after sweating out on the treadmill but here’s the problem: I am getting later and later for work each day. Always trying to outrun myself with another lap is one thing, but the biggest trouble is that I am just spending too much time in the gym’s dressing room getting my face ready.

Well, after the usual cleansing and application of my regular skincare, I’d have to slap on sunscreen, primer, foundation and concealer and then dolling up the eyes, cheeks, lips with color before setting it with loose powder. Sigh! All that takes time and a longer time especially when I have to make do with working in the dim light of the gym’s washroom.   

As if answering to my prayers, the kind angel at WishTrend has flew me a tube Klair’s illuminating supple blemish cream to my rescue.


Klair’s illuminating supple blemish cream
Formulated with the unique Klair’s prescription that aims to prevent wrinkles, hydrates and soothes, this illuminating supple blemish cream has 3 multi-functional cosmetic effect that offers SPF 40 PA+++ Sun Protection, Whitening, Wrinkle improvement as well as Sebum control.

2ingredientMade suitable for all skin types, this cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid that keeps skin hydrated as it soothes wrinkles, brightens and protects against all spectrum of UV rays while giving the skin a natural and healthy looking coverage. Due to its smooth consistency texture, application is extremely quick and easy and I especially love how it could blends into my skin without altering my skin’s natural color or leaving a grey-ish undertone that many conventional BB cream would. 

Photo Jun 15, 8 30 18 PM

Photo Jun 15, 8 29 53 PM

I also like that it is non-greasy, non-sticky and it is super lightweight so it will not cake my face or melt under in our humid weather. What best is that the cream is infused with sebum control powder so I don’t even have to apply loose powder to finish off and I am pretty impressed how my makeup would stay flawlessly shine-free and fresh throughout the day without touch up required.  

Photo Jun 15, 8 29 09 PM

Photo Jun 15, 8 28 18 PM

Now that with a tube of Klair’s illuminating supple blemish cream, not only I could skip the hassle of applying sunscreen, primer, foundation and finishing powder altogether, I need not to burden my gym bag with a gigantic cosmetic pouch and I could save precious time to get to work on time, plus another lap on the treadmill!    


Made in Korea in 40ml a tube, Klair’s illuminating supple blemish cream is the most shipped favorite beauty item from WishTrend. Grab yours now at USD18.50, 20% discount from usual price of USD22.99, for a limited time only!  





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