Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

25 Apr

This is a beauty situation whereby C comes before B.

CC cream before BB cream, that is.

But what is CC cream actually? 

cc cream

From some brands, CC stands for Color Control while others say it is a Color Corrector, Correcting Combo or Complete Corrector etc but whatever it is being labeled as, CC cream is basically an improvised and refined version of BB cream. But besides enhancing the benefits of what BB cream offer, CC cream is also set to address uneven skin tones. It is also relatively lighter in texture, more hydrating and comes with high SPF. 

Among my stash of BB cream, the [Elishacoy] Always Nuddy BB24 is always one of my top pick for its natural and sheer coverage and thanks to WISHTREND, I have the opportunity to try out another great [Elishacoy] product: Always Nuddy CC Cream. 

Photo Apr 20, 4 32 00 PM

Photo Apr 20, 4 32 38 PM

Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream is a 10-in-I formula with color-encapsulated spheres that covers blemishes and addresses redness and uneven skin tone. It is formulated with 20 moisturizing ingredients to keep skin hydrated and glowing. Make in Korea and suitable for all skin type, Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream offers sun protection SPF30/PA++ and comes in a 50ml tube.
step 1 and 2
the difference
Squeeze a pea size of the cream and lightly massage evenly onto skin for its color-encapsulated spheres to act and change color to match your skin tone.
My Review
I was amazed how quickly the milky fluid ‘melts’ into my skin and matches my skin color. It felt light and hydrating and I like how it could instantly even out and smoothens my skin tone. It helped to cover redness and gave me a fresh glow so my skin looked good and natural even without makeup. On days that I desire more coverage, it serves well as a base for the BB cream or foundation that I layered over it. SPF 30/PA++ is a welcome bonus that allows me to skip the application of sunscreen on late mornings.  
Photo Apr 20, 4 30 33 PM
Where To Buy
[Elishacoy] Always Nuddy CC Cream is available from WISHTREND and having a promotion at Qoo10.

Good News!

The kind people at WISHTREND is offering both new and existing customers a 3 USD off for order of 20 USD and above.  To apply the discount, please use the voucher code as below:
-Voucher Code: RFXLSCOZ (3 USD  – able to combine with other vouchers)
  -Expiry Date:  End of 2013
-Minimum spending: 20 USD and above
Read more about WISHTREND from my previous post here and do like their Wishtrend Singapore Facebook page for more information and product updates. logo







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