b.liv by cellnique – b.seen – I’m milia banisher

9 Apr

I started having milia seeds even before i reached puberty and because my family generally has good skin so the sight of those little harmless pops would irked my bridal makeup artist aunt so much that she would often dragged me to the window where light is better and start poking and squeezing the seeds out using a pinning needle despite my protesting screams. Then when I started going to beauty salon for facials, most beauty therapists weren’t pleased with those milia seeds either. They would always successfully cooed me into removing them but whatever techniques they used, all were equally painful and the miles seeds would go and come in a cycle.

I was introduced to laser a few years ago and though the result wasn’t as permanent as most doctors would claim, the treatment did make my under-eye spots free for a longer period of time. The ant-like bite is also much more bearable than those conventional methods. However, while it doesn’t hurts my skin, it pinched my pocket and I eventually stopped bothering about treating my milia seeds altogether until hope, flew from Malaysia in a form of a DHL parcel recently.

b.seen – I’m milia banisher
I first came across b.liv when shopping at Sasa and was instantly attracted by the clever packaging of their masks. With selling like “Bright is right”; “Knock off age”; “Immerse me”; “Feel no sluggish”; “Sheer off crease” printed on the box , how can a mask junkie like myself don’t go crazy over them! Good thing is that each and every variant of the mask is as good as it claims. Oops, before I go ga ga over the masks again, today’s star should be I’m milia banisher!

Photo Apr 09, 7 05 10 PM

Formulated with 13 plant extracts that act as powerful anti-oxidants to protect delicate skin and Retinyl Palmitate to encourage the turnover of new skin cells and helps to remove milia, this stylish gold class pen dispersed a right amount of essence to the tip of the brush at a click. I like that the clear watery fluid could penetrates into the skin quickly without leaving any residue or hindrance the absorption of my eye gel on top of it. After making a conscious effort to apply it for the first few days, it became an auto pilot mode to use it twice daily for the past whole month without thinking much about it. It was only until I finished the last drop yesterday that I realized how much my eye area has improved

mila seedWhile it doesn’t banishes all traces of milia seeds but do take note that it is after all, a topical application and I must say the result within such a short span of time is very, very impressive!

Photo Apr 09, 7 04 22 PM

Photo Apr 09, 7 05 38 PMA little more about I’m milia banisher..
Main Function:
• Removes milia
• Heightens the skin cell renewal process

Main Active Ingredients:
Silanediol Salicylate:
• Sooths skin irritations, redness and discomfort
• Also with anti-aging virtues
Lactic Acid:
• Possess good keratolytic activity to promote the cell renewal
process which helps to remove milia
Plant Extracts:
• Exceptional anti-oxidant, soothing and hydrating properties





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