Marie France Bodyline Experience

1 Apr

In Barbie’s pink plastic world, everyone is uncharacteristically perfect. Same angelic face, same porcelain skin, same model killer body and there will never be a single strand of hair out of place. In fact everyone is so perfect that the word cellulite might not even exist in this dreamy land and I wonder how Ken would react if one day, he strolls out of his world and walk into our world that is filled with less-than perfect human beings.

Celebrity like Christy Chung is a universal ideal but even then, she had sought help too, professional help to get that body with perfect curve. Blamed it on bad genes, the fat cells within my small frame has been quietly and covertly multiplying and expanding themselves and I am now at my heaviest after piling a whopping of 7kg in the last one year so help is exactly what I need to sought from Marie France Bodyline.



Untitled-1Established in Switzerland, Marie France Bodyline has more than 25 years of experience in helping individuals to lose weight naturally.  Marie France Bodyline offers weight-loss and inch-loss solutions without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills. As the leading provider of slimming services in Asia, Marie France Bodyline operates a network of centres in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau and Brunei. The first slimming centre in Singapore was established in 1986.




Out of the six branches, I have chosen the Tampines branch for the obvious reason; it is nearer to home.

welcome drink

After being served with a drink, I was ushered to the consultation room and my personal consultant for the day, Vicky took measurements, analyzed my problems and briefed me on the respective treatments: ISS for the back of the thighs to eliminate fats and the unsightly cellulite) and CSBS to reduce, lift and tone my flabby arms, love handle and elephant thighs.


I have to admit that I was a little edgy prior to the treatment because I didn’t know what to expect but thanks to my soft-spoken therapist, my uneasiness was dispersed as quickly as it came. The lady started off the treatment with little massage for different areas with preset timing, ie: 1 minute for the legs, another minute for the hands, 3 minutes for the neck and so forth and I was a little amused by her use of a timer to achieve that precise timing. Anyway, let’s go on the treatment.  

my therapist

my therapist

My thighs were wiped with warm towel and applied with cool ultrasound gel and anti-cellulite serum mixture before using the Intelect Mobile Ultrasound for 9 minutes on each side. Thereafter, the therapist massaged the area with an anti-cellulite serum for 20minutes and then another 20minutes for FMS. In case you are wondering what FMS is, it is the Marie France Bodyline’s signature Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap that works by encouraging the depletion of heat energy from within the body thereby forcing the body to compensate for the loss of heat energy by tapping into its accumulated storage of fats to “burn off” as energy and boy, this solution soaked wrap was so freezing cold that I was almost shivering!  



Specially created to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from undesirable spots like love handles, flabby upper arms and thighs, this ISS treatment uses a non invasive technology that incorporates proven techniques of ultrasound fat breaking and Marie France Bodyline’s signature Fat Mobilisation System (FMS) body wrap concept.
Recommended treatment areas:
Front and back thighs
Thighs and calves
Front and back upper arms
Love handles
Treatment duration: 45 minutes



After 2o minutes enjoying the feel of winter drenched in FWS wrap, I was ready for another session of wrapping. This now, the therapist applied a blend of proprietary plant and mineral extracts on my arms, waist and thighs before wrapping up the targeted areas. It was said the compression from the wrap could helps to get rid of impurities and fatty acids through lymphatic drainage so again, I sat for another 20 minutes in the hope to reduce inches, lift and toner with little motion. 
keeping myself warm and a good read

keeping myself warm and a good read

Infused with Marie France’s signature potent plant and mineral blend, the compression of the Contour Sculpt Body Wrap aids to reduce inches, lift and tone targeted areas of the body while stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen secretions, and improve skin’s elasticity over time.
~Visible reduction and improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
~ Detoxification – designed to help cleanse the body of toxins and interstitial fluids trapped between small spaces of fat tissues.
~ Hydrate and improve texture and appearance of skin.
~ Helps activate the lymphatic system thereby promoting detoxification and a boost to the metabolism.
~ Promotes synthesis of collagen resulting in firmer and tightened skin tone
~ Brightens skin and protects against discoloration and uneven skin tone.
Treatment Areas: 
Ø Tummy and love handles
Ø Front and back thighs
Ø Arms
Ø Calves
Ø Buttocks
Ø Back
I looked hard at myself while the therapist unwrapped me. Nope. I did not shrink in terms of size but I do somehow looked better in terms of shape. My arms seemed less flabby, my thunder thighs seemed toned and I could get into my pants more easily. The results were subtle yet visible enough for me to consider ditching the gym membership for a slimming package.
Good things are meant to be shared! For those who are interested to try out ISS and CSBS treatment, simply download and print out the below vouchers to leverage on the special promotion rates.



Stay slim and be pretty always!  





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