ReFa Carat

13 Feb
I was delighted to be invited to the exclusive CozyCot Inner Circle’s ReFa Carat event. 
To be honest, I know very little about this ReFa Carat thingy prior to the workshop but the mention of any beauty gadget is already compelling enough to get me excited, especially so when the event is being held at the prestigious, award winning Ikeda Spa. I have been very curious about this much raved about Japanese concept day spa and of course, the experience did not disappoint. Besides the Japanese elements, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the staffs are all clad in Kimono and among them, there are therapists hauled from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and well, Singapore. 
Ikeda Spa
Ikeda Spa
787 Bukit Timah Rd, S(269762)
3The workshop
It was a cozy affair with the beautiful trainer, Ms Jasmine Tham sharing with us what ReFa Carat is before proceeding to do a demonstration on half side of our face. And boy, I was utterly impressed by how much ReFa Carat can do within the 5 minutes demo on me! A captured photo has shown a much lifted and fresher appearance on the treated right side of my face versus the tired and sagging looking skin on the untreated left side. Thereafter, we were given a brief introduction of Ikeda Spa and a sight show round before being ushered to our respective cabin for an express treatment perform by the Ikeda therapist.   
What is ReFa Carat 
ReFa Carat is a handheld solar device with roller that generates Micro-current that replicates the body’s natural bio-current. It targets concerns like puffiness around the face and eyes area, water retention as well as lift and firm slackened skin, double chin, flabby arms, thighs, love handles and even lymphatic congestion. While it is suitable for all skin types, those with acne-prone skin should avoid using it though.
Special Features of ReFa Carat
–         Uses Solar panel creates light energy
–         The double drainage rollers enable 360 degrees multi-facet rolling with 3D design to mimic Aesthetician’s method
–         Waterproof construction
–         Platimum coat for high resistance against beat and acidity
–         Unique bearings to generate micro curren
featurehow to use
resultresult 2The Facts of Micro-Current
–         Micro-current was initially used in the medical field in 1980s to treat patients suffering from partial paralysis (eg. Stroke) of their face by sending soft gentle waves to stimulate the muscles back to their original state.
–         It replicates our body’s natural bio-current
The Beauty Benefits of Micro-Current
–         Define facial / body contour
–         Increase lymphatic drainage
–         Improve blood circulation
–         Refine appearance of enlarged pores
–         Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
–         Improve skin texture
–         Healthy glowing skin
–         Better absorption of skincare products
blood flow
My Trial
Well, I believe everything needs time to take its due course and I didn’t expect miracles to happen within a short two weeks span of time. After all, our skin doesn’t just slacken suddenly and wrinkles don’t just form overnight so it is just as impossible to command complete erasure of lines or vanish double chin in thunder speed. Due to the timeframe constraint, I may not be able to attain magnificent results but I must say that I am very happy to achieve visible improvements on the areas that I have faithfully used on twice a day.
Oh, let’s not to forget about my arms too! Though I could find a million of faults of my body shape, I simply hate how my gigantic flabby arms are being attached to my narrow shoulders the most and so apart from using the ReFa Carat on my face, I would also do a few quick rolls on my butterfly arms as well and it has unexpectedly, leaped the most result! My arms are still huge (blame it to bad genes) but they are certainly looking more toned and firmed!
To summarize, the areas of improvement are:  
~     Jaw line  sharper and more defined
~     Marionette lines these lines that used to make me look like an angry puppet has gracefully smoothen and become less visible
~    Eye areas droopy eye lips appear more lifted, fine lines are smoothen and less visible and under eyes have appear less puffy
~    Face  overall lifted and looks more youthful and radiant

~    Arms have become less wobbly and look firmer and leaner

before and after 1
The ReFa Series
series 1skincare
ReFa Carat is retailed at SGD$540.00.
For more information, please contact: 

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