Radiance Facial Toning at EHA Clinic

31 Jan

My first facial in 2013! Skipping my monthly facial for a Medi-Facial at EHA Clinic..

EHA Clinic

EHA Clinic

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #15-01 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
(+65) 6235 3325,  (+65) 6235 3025
Residing Doctor: Dr. Elias Tam

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

A little about Dr. Elias Tam..

Founder and residing doctor at the EHA Clinic, Dr. Elias Tam is well known internationally as a Speaker at the Aesthetic Medicine conference.  Being one of the Governors of The International College of Surgeons and a committee member of The Asia Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Dr. Tam is also a specialist trainer for various laser and filler treatments and applications.
Respected and well-liked for his approachable, relaxed and assuring manner during both consultation and procedure, Dr. Tam is a firm believer of his company’s mantra, ‘look good, feel great’, and ensures that both his staff and clinical operations are fully geared to providing quality service and solutions for every aspect of physical beauty and well-being. And to that extent, Dr. Elias Tam is at the forefront of developing and testing the latest in hi-tech and innovative aesthetic procedures – with particular expertise in follicular hair extraction techniques for hair transplants, and facial skin therapies.



Hmm…so, what’s Medi-Facial actually?

Let’s find out..


Inside the cabin


Like any other facial treatment would, my therapist, Serene started me off with the removal of makeup. Though I don’t usually wear makeup for my facial appointment to avoid the hassle but because I have headed to the clinic straight from work that day, that poor lady has had a terribly hard time removing off my super resistant eye makeup.

That’s Step 1.  

Step 2 was to cleanse and then introduce me to their inhouse EHA peeling gel to deep cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Upon analyzing my skin condition, I was suggested with a Radiance Facial Toning treatment. Starting with a 10 minutes of cool steam to soften the skin (that’s something pretty new and interesting because my usual facial treatments mostly use hot mist to open up pores) followed by a quick neatening of eye brows. The reason I said quick is because my eye brows are miserably sparse so there was practically nothing much the therapist can do.

And now, the real action begins and the therapist kicked off the show  (oops, I mean, the facial) with the Aqua ST and then followed by a Radiancy Therapy.  That’s a non-ablative photo rejuvenation that purpose to remove age spots, smoothen fine lines and reduce wrinkles. I was happy as bird when being told that it would also help to firm up my sagging skin and the best thing? The entire process was absolutely painless and has zero downtime.  Hey, whoever says, no pain, no gain, you are  wrong this time!:)

Next up..

Serene first applied Collagen Amp plus Cold Ultrsound and cooed me with a shoulder massage before pampering me with a Cold Collagen Mask and granted me the permission a good whole 20 minutes of undisturbed eye shut.  

Don’t under-estimate the power of the afternoon nap, I have indeed waking up looking so much revitalized. Or was it the facial?  I simply love how fresh and radiant I look immediately after the medi-facial and for the record, the result has got even better the day after and stayed that way for quite a bit.

Impressive! No matter people say doctor knows best 🙂  

Firmer, fresher and a more radiant face immediately!

Firmer, fresher and a more radiant face immediately!

Anyway to wrap up the session, I was given a dose of EHA Toner, Eye Cream, Moisturizer and Sunblock.  And talking about Sunblock, this EHA Sunblock is no ordinary sun shield but it is the first Japan-made SPF 30 sunscreen with 24 hour efficacy launched by Dr Elias Tay. The key word here is 24 hour.

I am sold, aren’t you?


Priced at SGD$368.00 120mins a session or SGD$3680 for 10 sessions, here’s what a session, results inclusive) to offer: 

1)    Remove makup
2)    Cleanse
3)    EHA peeling
4)    Cool steaming (10 minutes)
5)    Eye brow trimming
6)    Aqua ST
7)    Radiance treatment
8)    Collagen AMP + Cold Ultrasound
9)    Shoulder massage
10) Collagen Mask (20 minutes)
11) EHA toner, eye cream, moisturizer + sunblock

For more information and update, do check out EHA Clinic on Facebook.  


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