The Skin Lightening Serum No. 3

26 Jan

The Skin Pharmacy

The Skin Lightening Serum


While I struggle with dark spots and pigmentations, I don’t usually bombard my skin with whitening products because the formulations of such concoctions tend to be strong and aggressive. They have to, in order to lighten and fade pigmentation effectively but I hate how they could irritate my already sensitive skin and make me itch and peel.

no 32

That said, I just can’t resist trying out this The Skin Lightening Serum No. 3 from The Skin Pharmacy. Developed by pharmacists, the serum contains natural ingredients of rumex occidentalist & glabidrin from liquorice as well as bio-mimic peptides (nonapeptide-1 & oligopeptide 68) made from biotechnology to work through three different pathways to reduce pigmentation, brighten skin and even out the skin tone. Additionally, it also acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-ageing agent to fight against ageing

no 3 Though it is a serum, the texture of this yellowish fluid is feather light and feels like water. It is odorless and I am amazed by it could instantly be absorbed into the skin without leaving a trace when applied. It doesn’t irritate my skin or cause it to itch or peel, instead I find the serum very soothing and I love how pleasant my skin feels after each application. It is great that the serum does not hindrance the absorption of my other skincare on top of it.

While it does not make miracle overnight, the result after a month of twice daily usage is promising enough for continuation. Besides seeing a more even skin tone, I sure am looking brighter and fresher these days and I am so looking forward to see the disappearance of those persistent ugly spots in no time!





2 Responses to “The Skin Lightening Serum No. 3”

  1. elda February 22, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    im interested to buy this.
    how much did u get this for? from where?

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