Brillante Reve Professional Waterproof Long Lasting Makeup

18 Jan
My sis-in-law’s office works from 8am to 5pm but one of her colleague clocks 9.30am to 6.30pm on a permanent basis. And if she ever wakes up after 7am, she would have to take half day urgent leave on that particular day because she needs 3 hours to prepare herself before taking a 3 mins train to her office!

Sure, vanity has a price to pay but for someone who rushes through the mornings, I find the time that she takes to doll herself ridiculously insane so I am dedicating this post to her because the last time I tested these Brillante Reve Professional Waterproof Long Last Makeup from Beauty Finest Pte Ltd, it merely took me 5 mins to have my face all done up! 


Brillante Reve Long Lasting Auto Eyeliner Pencil

The creamy-gel textured liner is incredibly easy to use. The pencil has a good grip that allows easy construction of a simple line and works equally well on intricate wings. The soft tip glides on smoothly while dispersing an intense color that does not budges, smudges and stays on perfectly on the lash line. It dries within seconds and is sweat-proof, water-proof and it is super long lasting. Though it contains pearly pigments, I like that it is neither too glittering nor shimmering for my matured (read: old) age. Personally, I love using the Dark Brown color to create a soft and subtle understated look.

Brillante Reve Long Lasting Auto Eye Shadow

This is ultimately the best eye shadow ever! The creamy crayon works like a charm and one stroke is all it takes to give my eyelids a dash of color that doesn’t smudges, creases or fades even I have weathered a showering rain. The intense color with a soft pearly sheen stays on all day even without the need of primer!


Brillante Reve Long Lasting Tear Liner

Whether it is to create a bright-eye look or to enhance smoky eye makeup, this shimmering glitter will do the job. The brush is ultra fine and soft and the gleaming liquid dry quickly to create a pearly tear. Unlike white eye highlighter or eye shadow, it is less tacky and less harsh looking but it does need a little practice to master the skill of precise application though.


Brillante Reve Eraser Auto Makeup Corrector/Remover

As its name implies, this nifty thingy erases and removes any makeup mistake in a swift! And that it works like magic on waterproof stuff as well! 


Brillante Reve Professional Waterproof Long Last Makeup is having an introductory promotion at Gmarket.  While there, check out the rest of their marvelous products as well. 

tint lips concealer eyebrow pencilLong Lasting Auto Eye Shadow tear

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