JYUNKA Hyaluvital Cream

5 Dec

I dread waking up to a dehydrated wrinkly face and no matter how painstakingly it takes to put on my makeup, nothing seems to adhere properly due to the dryness of my skin so I was overjoyed that Jyunka has finally launched their much awaited moisturizer, the Jyunka Hyaluvital Cream! I have first tried it before its launch sometimes back in September and have immediately fallen in love with its pleasurable texture that leaves my skin feeling smooth and cotton soft.

With the combination of pure Caviar extract, Hyaluronic Acid and a hydration complex, the Jyunka Hyaluvital Cream is an intense restructuring, repairing and deeply moisturizing cream that works 24-hours on the epidermal layers to protect and provide the necessary moisture for the skin. With the statistic showing a +11% moisturisation after 10 minutes, +30% moisturisation after 3 hours and +40% moisturisation after 14 days, the cream is able to provide immediate and intensive hydration to soothe and revitalize dry and tired skin.


Though a cream, I am glad that it isn’t too rich or greasy for effective absorption. In fact I find its creamy consistency super hydrating and I like how it could instantly perks up my thirsty skin with in-depth hydration. This hydrating powerhouse is very comforting and because my skin is moisturized, the lines and wrinkles appear less visible, I look fresher and makeup stays on better.

A perfect companion with the Jyunka M+Fluid, this Hyaluvital Cream helps my skin to repair and recover to its optimal hydration level and two weeks into a twice daily application regime, I am now waking up with smooth and supple skin that beams with radiance! And no more cakey makeup too!


Priced at S$175.00, it is definitely a worthy investment for those who suffer from dry skin like myself and for everyone else who wants to maintain a healthy and dewy complexion.

For more information and product update, please check out Jyunka’s Facebook Page here.



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