Kneipp® Cranberry Cleansing Herbal Tea

26 Nov

I was at Guardian to get a bottle of Kneipp® Lavender Herbal Massage Oil for my pal when I saw the bundle promotion of a bottle of Lavender Massage Oil and Body Wash at S$39.90. If bought separately, the two items would have cost S$47.80 so it doesn’t need a mathematics genius to know it is a good bargain and so I grabbed it. The bundle is going to make a much lovelier get-well gift anyway.

Though not particularly a hot beverage person but the wet weather that day (or perhaps it was the store’s chilly air-con) had prompted me to linger at the lower section of the shelf that was lined with boxes of tea and imagined myself cozying up on the couch with a cup of aromatic tea at hand. Problem was that all the different variants had looked pretty interesting to me so I had a hard time deciding on which I should buy before eventually taking the Kneipp® Cranberry Cleansing Herbal Tea because I reckoned that anything fruity can’t be bad 🙂 

While boiling water to make myself a cup of the Kneipp® Cranberry Cleansing Herbal Tea that rainy night, I was wondering half-heartedly what should I do with the rest of the 14 bags if I hate the taste but the thought was quickly overturned by self praise of my intuition just after one sip; the taste of the tea is terrific and I love it! This herbal infusion tea has added benefits of blackcurrant and its tangy flavor of cranberries tastes clean and refreshing.
As we all know, cranberries are super rich in Vitamin C and are widely recognized for their anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. That’s not all, cranberry tea also promotes health benefits such as treating and prevention of urinary tract infection and it treats gingivitis as well as fights against scurvy, kidney disorders, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

As I was in between sips, I made a mental note that I must blog about it but as usual of my typical Garfield characteristics, I have procrastinated till I am left with the last 3 bags before finally got down to take some photos and start typing. Well, it is better to be late to share than never. So people, do yourself a favor and pick up a box of the Kneipp® Cranberry Cleansing Herbal Tea the next time when you are hanging at Guardian or Unity Healthcare stores, your body surely will thank you for that.
Apart from using the Kneipp® Cranberry Cleansing Herbal Tea to compliment my afternoon tea snacks, I especially love to drink it after gobbling down a huge feast to make myself feel more healthy and less guilty 😉

Oh, by the way, this cleansing tea tastes great while hot but I have also tried to chill it with a slice of lemon to add zest and it tastes divine too! Play with it but whatever you do, DON’T ever add sugar to the cranberry tea as that will annulled the antibacterial properties of the tea (my pharmacist nephew said so and I assumed he is right 🙂




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