Yadah Tinted Lip Balm and Super Glossy Lip Shine

11 Nov

Pucker up!
I always admire women with full, voluptuous lips. Angelina Jolie looks irresistibly hot and sexy in red lipstick while Julia Roberts never fails to draw attention with a wide and cheerful smile. People with round lips look good too. Doesn’t Drew Barrymore looks flirtatious and charming with her grin? And Reese Witherspoon’s pair heart-shaped lips are just so seductively cute and expressive and so is Natalie Portman’s mysteriously and sultry pout
with her downward-turned lips.

Unfortunately I have a pair of thin lips that I hate. My small mouth makes me look incredibly mean and unapproachable, or so I thought. My asymmetrical lips don’t look good in deep solid hues and can’t do bold bright colors either.

Anyway, whichever shape of your lips may be and whether you love them or hate them, lips, like any other part of our body, should not be neglected. Have you ever noticed that the skin on our lips are drier than that of the rest of our body? That is because there are no  sebaceous glands in them and negligence would lead to dry and cracked lips that are annoyingly painful and downright unattractive so it make sense to pay our lips their due TLC.

Having that said, lips care need not be expensive or time consuming.  Like we would exfoliate our face and apply sunscreen, a weekly exfoliation using a dry soft bristle toothbrush to brush away dead skin and applying lip balm daily to condition and protect are all it takes.


Yadah Tinted Lip Balm 4.5g
With a huge variety of lip balms offering different kind of benefits and tastes, consumers are spoilt with choices. I am a lazy person so apart from moisturizing and protection against age, sun and other environmental pollutants, I expect my lip balm could also offers me with a dash of color so that at times, I could go au naturel and I am so glad that Yadah Tinted Lip Balm could gives me exactly that.

Not only that this delicious lip balm could enhances my pale lips with a sheer, beautiful hue,  it diligently nourishes, conditions and protects all at the same time! It looks good even on its own and is extremely soothing for my dry and flaky lips. Apart from keeping my lips soft and supple, I absolutely love its subtle scent and its slight minty taste.

A little more information on Yadah Tinted Lip Balm:
·    Made in Korea
·    Care for your lips with beautiful, sheer color
·    Soft, sweet flavor and natural ingredients to nourish, condition and
soften lips
·    Choose from 5 juicy shades: Cherry Red, Shiny Peach, Sugar Pink, Bling
Bling Yellow
·    Bling Bling Yellow starts out transparent and will turn into a rosy hue
according to body temperature
·    Give lips the soothing feeling they deserve
·    3-Free (Paraben Free, Animal materials Free, Benzophenone Free)
·    Natural colour extracts from plants (Red Tomatoes, Gromwell & Moroheiya)
·    Contains Cupuacu butter to keep lips moisturized all day
·    Water holding ability has excellent moisture, offers lips deep moisture
·    Melting Gel Complex that dissolves under human body temperature to keep
lips soft and moisturized
·    Shea butter and Jojoba help to provide sun protection
·    Main ingredients: Cupuacu butter, Shea butter, Sunflower seed oil,
Jojoba oil

Yadah Super Glossy Lip Shine 9.8g
Speaking of lippies, here’s another new gem from the Yadah: the Super Glossy Lip Shine. It goes well with the gorgeous Angel Tint or the lovely Lip Crayon or even just on top of the Tinted Lip Balm. I love how a dab at the centre of my lips could instantly makes them look so irresistibly full and dewy. This juicy gloss’s fresh citrus taste is deliciously sweet too!

A little more information on Yadah Super Glossy Lip Shine:
·    Made in Korea
·    Give the appearance of deliciously kissable lips
·    Drench lips in moisture and beautiful sheer color gloss with natural
formula (loaded with natural goodness to nourish, condition and soften lips
·    Choose from 5 juicy shades: Strawberry Milk, Tropical Orange, Cherry
Ade, Bling Bling Essence, Peach Smoothie
·    3-Free (Paraben Free, Animal materials Free, Benzophenone Free)
·    Natural colour extracts from plants (Red Tomatoes, Gromwell & Moroheiya)
·    Hydro Polymer Complex (Gel polymer makes it lightweight & more lasting)
·    Gel Structure Formulation (Keeps lips glossy longer)
·    Cupuacu butter and Jojoba oil to keep lips moisturized and lustrous all
·    Vitamin E helps to prevent wrinkles and oxidation
·    Enriched with vitamin C from orange peel oil, brightens and makes skin
more elastic, controls dead skin cells for soft lips
·    Fresh Citrusy scent from the orange peel oil
Both Yadah Tinted Lip Balm and Super Glossy Lip Shine are distributed by and available at:  http://www.yadahskincare.com/

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*Photo credit: groupon.sg 

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