Montagne Jeunesse Masques

9 Nov

Remember the marvelous Montagne Jeunesse Masques that I have raved some months before?  Good news is they are now on Facebook! Even better news is that they are launching a range of new masques in Watsons pretty soon!

To celebrate the joys, the generous people of Montagne Jeunesse are giving free trial samples for fans that have ‘like ‘ their page. Here’s the link for your freebie goodie but before you hop to over, let’s take a leisure walk through Montagne Jeunesse’s milestones to witness their love for the nature and also their commitment to bring us the best from the nature.

Montagne Jeunesse has indeed come a long way since humble beginning at the founder’s kitchen 25 years ago. After the launched of the “Save The Seal” Campaign in 1989 and followed “Antarctica Appeal” a year later, Montagne Jeunesse has went to open their “Eco Factory” in 1994. In 2001, their wind turbine went live to reduce their carbon footprint and in the same year, they have achieved an ISO-4001certification and then another ISO 18001 certification in 2004! By 2005, Montagne Jeunesse has moved into their “Super Energy Efficient” headquarters and went on to achieve yet another ISO 9001 certification shortly a year later.

With the dedication to harness the best from the nature, Montagne Jeunesse’s beauty treats use the most yummy-licious natural ingredients that are good for our skin, easy on the pocket and friendly on our mother earth and whatever your skin type may be, there is always a Montagne Jeunesse masque that suits your need. With Montagne Jeunesse, life’s little indulgence is just within a sachet and that is no wonder why Montagne Jeunesse has gained its popularity with a whopping of 60,000 fans in their ever-growing community!

Some of my all-time favorite…

 Apricot Scrub

Is your skin dull, dark and tired looking? It is probably due to buildup because as we age, our skin’s renewal process slows down so it is essential to give it a good scrub at least once a week to exfoliate away dead skin cells, remove dirt and impurities as well as aid skin regeneration. For that I swear by using the Apricot Scrub, a gentle exfoliating scrub that is bursting with the goodness of sweet mango to deeply cleanse and revitalize the skin, crushed apricot kernels to removes dead skin cells and aloe vera to calm and soothe the skin. Not only that it leaves my skin feeling ultra smooth and soft, I love how it polishes away the dull and patchiness of my skin to reveal a brighter and healthier looking skin instantly.

 Dead Sea Mud Pac 

Harvested from across the mountains ranges, glaciers and seas, this deep-cleansing Dead Sea Mud Pac is no doubt the most precious gem from mother earth. Enriched with nutrients, minerals and seaweed, the clay is gentle yet could powerfully penetrate deeply into pores to draw out impurities while restoring the skin’s vitality. As a result, skin is clean, refreshed and purified.

 Passion Peel Off Face Masque Tottle 

Alright, I know I am quite silly but I find the action of peeling very therapeutic. It is a good feeling of peeling away all impurities and bad skin…Anyway, infused with pulped pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry and vitamin E, this juicy Passion Peel Off Face Masque Tottle removes dead skin and impurities in a peel to refreshes the complexion while its anti-oxidants properties protect the skin.

 Strawberry Souffle 

This Strawberry Souffle face masque is as good as it gets! Whipping with nourishing properties, this delicious delight is non-drying and contains soothing Aloe Vera and calming Vanilla that keeps my skin feeling silky smooth and glow with radiance!


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