YADAH Natural Shampoo

13 Oct

I have gone down to the hair salon to get my hair re-colored the other day.  The chirpy hair color technician, barely works in the salon for three month and doing my hair for the first time, bared no bar and babbled as though we have known each other for ages. Twenty minutes into his job and he has already splashed out a detailed summary of his life and shared freely the juicy gossips of the female colleagues and even clients that he have attended.

Taking a clue from his openness, I jumped at the opportunity and asked if he would wash my hair instead of sending the shampoo boy to do the job. He accommodating obliged and I quickly threw him the bottle of Yadah Natural Shampoo, “help me do a test. Replace this with your the salon’s regular Re*** brand shampoo when washing my hair.” I went on to explain that I am doing a review and would love to hear the verdict from the expert. Seemly pleased with being addressed as an expert, this bubbly guy ushered me to the washing bay and could not resists updating me throughout the entire shampooing process even though I could not managed to catch most of his words under the running water.

Anyway after styling, I got him to repeat his findings and here is what his said:
“I was initially worried that the lack of silicon in its ingredient could not smoothen entangled hairs and would causes fiction while washing but the result was far better than expected. The shampoo isn’t too soapy yet it lathers up easily. It is very gentle on the scalp and does not weighs down your tresses. It has also helps to tame frizzy ends and revitalize your curls. Though no artificial fragrance is being added, the smell is pretty pleasant. I give it a two thumbs up!”

I totally agree. The shampoo works like a dream and I especially like I could skip the hassle of using a conditioner after shampooing.

YADAH Natural Shampoo uses natural ingredients certified by ECOCERT and is free of paraben, silicon and artificial colorant. A product from Korea, this delicate shampoo is produced with 100% natural surfactant and is suitable for all hair types including those with sensitive scalp.

YADAH Natural Shampoo is available in 250g/bot at SGD$15.90 & 400g/bot at SGD$22.90  from  http://www.yadahskincare.com/


4 Responses to “YADAH Natural Shampoo”

  1. Beauty Conscious October 15, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    This is a very witty post Janette. I enjoyed reading it! I never expected the shampoo is to be reviewed, I thought it’s the salon, the hair color, or just your weekend experience. Keep up the writing style which does not bore. More power!


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