Skin Factory 3 in 1 Emulsion for Woman

1 Oct

A Japanese friend of mine practices a 8-steps facial skincare regime. She would diligently spend an hour each morning to apply her skincare and then patiently waits for each layer to be absorbed into her skin before topping on the next.

While I salute her perseverance, I’d rather seize every extra second zzz’ing in the dreamland than to struggle and pinch my eyes open at the first ray of sun. Call me lazy, but living in this time-pressed era, I am seriously deprived of sleep and I am sure that the busy like bees and lazy bums like me would be more than happy to have dual-purpose products, or even better, multi-purpose ones that simplify our beauty regime and save us time and effort.

Well, the brilliant folks at the Skin Factory has heard us and created a multi-purpose solution that rolled emulsion, essence and serum into one called 3 in 1 Emulsion For Women. For the metrosexual, there’s 3 in  Emulsion For Men but that is beyond my trial and verdict so we won’t be going into that here.

Free from fragrance, pigment, preservative, alcohol, this dermatologist tested emulsion or essence or serum (I can’t decide which is more appropriate to call it) is formulated and enriched with Squalane, Meadow Foam Seed Oil and Barnbusa Vulgaris Water that aids to regenerate, repair and replenish the skin’s natural barrier and improves the resilience and radiance of the skin all at the same time. It promises a younger-looking skin and the best part is, it eliminates the hassle using multiple bottles, tubes or jars of essence and serum and it saves space, time and money!

Though the 3 in 1 Emulsion For Women is unscented, it smells pretty pleasant and I like its light texture. This translucent milky fluid feels somewhat between lotion and essence and makes my skin feels velvety soft upon application. It helps to smoothen the skin and enhances my moisturizer’s absorption so my makeup adheres better and stays on fresher and longer. Besides being a good splendid innovation for daily maintenance, I find this 3 in 1 Emulsion For Women especially handy while traveling because I would rather save my luggage space for my shopping spree.

Skin Factory 3 in 1 Emulsion For Women is a product of Korea and priced at SGD$36.00 for 150ml from Beauty Finest Pte Ltd.



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