NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser

30 Sep

I used to think that all cleansing agents are the same. Due to its short contact with the skin, whether it is in powder form or liquid gel, soap based, foamy or even non-foamy ones will be just as fine as long as it cleanse efficiently. How wrong I was!

I soon discovered that some cleanser cleanse well but it would also strips off your skin’s natural moisture in the process, some would makes your skin feels tight and dry, some would leaves your skin a layer of uncomfortable rubbery feel and the most nightmare would probably be those using strong chemicals that sends your skin turning red and itchy upon washing.

I have instantly fallen in love with the NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser at first sight without even using it. I like its tagline “Let’s return nature with nature” And isn’t the silvery box pretty! I reckoned with a packaging that lovely, its content probably wouldn’t be too bad either. Alright, I admit that I am shallow in that aspect but can’t blame me though, we human beings are visual creatures after all.

Anyway, impressive façade aside, I am just as concern on what’s within. As we all know, eggs are nutritious and nourishing for our body and egg whites are particularly beneficial to our skin as it is known for its deep cleansing and skin tightening effect.

I was amazed by how fluffy the whipping foam was. It didn’t even drip a drop when I turned my palm upside down and the ultra fine texture feels so feathery light and velvety soft. Three plumps are all I need to work on my entire face and it lathers up well and rinses off just as easily. It removes light makeup, dirt and sebum effectively and leaves no residue after washing. My skin feels completely clean and refreshed. With regular use, I noticed that this foamy bubble wash has helps to reduce congestion on my nose and refines my enlarged pores too.

NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser is a product from Korea and is available at Venus Beauty. Please visit Venue Beuaty Facebook Page for more information and store locations.


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