Skin Watchers UV Success Sunblock SPF50 PA+++

28 Sep

The history of sunblock could be traced way back to as early as 1930s. While some sources have credited Milton Blake for the invention, others named Franz Greiter whom has developed a product named Glacier Cream to protect skin against sunburn. Then, there is also indications that it was Eugene Schueller, the founder of L’Oreal cosmetic company  who found success and invented the first sunscreen.

Nonetheless, it is acknowledged that Franz Greiter has created the worldwide standard for the measurement of the effectiveness of sunscreen with the concept of a Sun Protection factor (SPF) in 1962.

I don’t know how sunscreen was like in the early days but it is definitely a good thing that wearing sunblock in this era will not make one looks like Casper roaming under the sun like it did back in the 90s.  I seriously would rather be burnt any day than being caught looking like a cut-out doll with a mismatched face and neck skin color. And thanks to evolving technologies and innovations, new sunblock’s formulations are no longer white and ghastly, neither it is thick nor oily.

The packaging of Skin Watchers UV Success Sunblock SPF50 PA+++ is relatively simple; bright orangey cap on white plastic tube and within, it quietly packs a powerful concoction that is oil-free and waterproof to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays for more than 12 hours. Not only that, this sunscreen contains herbal extracts such as aloe vera leaf sap powder, alantoin, machixien, green tea and licorice to soothe damaged skin and it is free from artificial coloring, alcohol, paraben, tarc, phenoxyethanol or benzophenone.

While many sunblocks claimed to have multiple effects such as whitening, anti-aging, hydrating and blah blah blah but I believe that such concerns should be addressed accordingly with the use of essences, serums or creams that are formulated to target specific issue. I personally only have one request for my sunblock and that is what exactly the Skin Watchers UV Success Sunblock SPF50 PA+++ does best: to provide long hours of sun protection. I have over zealous sweat glands and would perspire profusely by the slightest trigger of heat so it is very reassuring to know that the sunblock is sweat resistant and it doesn’t dissolves at the instance of an accidental splash of water. Besides that, I especially like how this creamy textured fluid soothes my skin and gives it a soft pearly sheen and makes my face looks good even without putting on makeup!

Skin Watchers UV Success Sunblock SPF50 PA+++ is available from Beauty Finest Pte Ltd at SGD$25.00.


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