24 Sep

I can’t remember exactly when I have became a swooper but sometimes back in June 2011, my first encounter with Swoop.com.sg got me a pair of Golden Village Tickets FREE. Yes, absolutely FREE! With no string attached.

Then after several deals and bumping into the fury bird a couple of times later, Swoop.com.sg has got itself transformed with the motto “Enter. Play. Win” and become the newest and hottest giveaway site in Singapore!  

So, what exactly does Swoop.com.sg do?  Read on:


Q: What is Swoop?

A: swoop/swo͞op/

Verb: (esp. of a bird) Move rapidly downward through the air: “the aircraft swooped in to land”.
Noun: A swooping or snatching movement or action.
Synonyms: verb.  Rush
noun. Raid


Q: No.. I meant what is Swoop.com.sg all about?

A: We are the hottest and most revolutionary Giveaway Site in Singapore, Swoop brings you a multitude of freebies and goodies from Swoop.com.sg and our Partners. We provide an enriching experience for each and every one, through our radically new online portal. Swoop will take you to a whole new high, an online euphoria never experienced before.

Q: What are your charges?

A: ZERO. Swoop Group and our Sponsors do not charge you anything to be part of the lucky draw!


Q: Can I participate?

A: Anyone who resides in Singapore is eligible to join!


Q: How do I begin?

A: All you have to do is sign up as a member, Enter a draw of your choice, Play our games to increase your chances, and simply check back to see if you are a Winner!


Q: Would you be sending me multiple emails?

A: Swoop would only send you 2 types of mails. First would be to confirm your participation in a draw, this would double up as your “Perks” voucher. Second would be to inform you of new and ending draws.


Q: What is a Perk?

A: A Perk is a discount/trial service/free gift from our Sponsors. Think online group discounts MINUS the need to purchase a voucher.


Q: How much do I have to pay for that Perk?

A: Nothing! Simply print and redeem it from our Sponsors!


Q: How would I know if I have won?

A: Check our winners page daily! Swoop selects a winner each day! Each week! Each month! This is over and above the prizes given by our sponsors!


Q: YES! I won!!! So whats next?

A: Swoop would be contacting you shortly for prize collection! Fret not if you did not hear from us, it could be that we were unable to reach you due to your busy schedule. Feel free to email us or ring us.


Q: Would there be a case where there are no winners?

A: There would DEFINITELY be a winner. But in the unpleasant event that we can’t reach the winner, another would be selected within 14 days.


Q: Thats it?

A: NO! That’s not the end. There are other competitions and draws being held on FaceBook and Twitter.


Q: Tokens? XP?

A: A token would be credited into your account for each day you log into Swoop. Tokens can be used in our games to multiply your chances in our Swoop Draw! All tokens would be automatically converted into a chance in our Swoop Draw at the end of each day. XP would be accumulated and tracked for more prizes! No expiry for XP!


Q: Can I buy more tokens?

A: Tokens are a Swooper’s entitlement and strictly not for sale.


Q: What happens to my email? Would I be receiving calls from Banks? Insurance agents? Housing agents? Loan agencies? Etc etc etc……

A: There is a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed between Swoop and all our sponsors, this agreement is to ensure that your details would not be passed on to a 3rd party marketing agency.


Q: I still fear for my particulars

A: Do not fret. If you still fear that your email would be flooded with spam mail, Swoop advises you to create a separate email address for the purpose of joining our lucky draws. Just make sure we can contact you if you won.


Q: Hang on I remember Swoop used to be a group buy site

A: Yes we used to be! But since our fans just can’t get enough of lucky draws, competitions and such. We thought, hey what the heck. LETS GIVE IT TO THEM!


Q: I love it! Can I ask my friends along?

A: Why not! Share our draws! Make them come, spread the fun! We may even reward you for doing that…. *Wink* *Wink*


Q: I still have some queries

A: Write in to us at Winners@Swoop.com.sg and we’ll be sure to respond to all your queries.

Hey, why are you still here? Go on, hop over to swoop.com.sg, sign up and snag yourself a prize now! 

Good luck! 



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